Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday- Winning and competing

Everybody says participation is the most important thing, and not winning. But how can you participate when you very well know your efforts aren't going to be rewarded? Good question. But you HAVE to participate because your efforts will be APPRECIATED, by people who matter. After all...pithalai cup vetri illa! paaraatu dhaana vetri?

"What we think or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do."

PS: Jhankar BCA points at the closing today: 70
Special mentions in various other events!!

Girls you made me feel GREAT about wearing Lavender today!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday - Today was a holiday!

Aah...My state is mourning for the loss of the neighbouring state chief minister. I am mourning because my company is compensating this holiday with two full working Saturdays. Sigh. This is when I miss school and college. All those rainy day holidays... the freedom to just take leave and stay home when you're bored or sleepy... the famous 3 week holiday that we got due to the Sri Lankan issue... omg. I never dreamt I'll say I miss MOP. But I do now. I'm going to see Jhankar an outsider. Feels so weird.

Thursday - Why having penpals is one of the best things in my life

1. They somehow always know the right things to say

2. The mere fact that two people can be friends even when they are 1000s of miles apart just goes to show love is the universal language...and it is so beautiful.

3. Those letters in envelopes of all shapes and sizes, designs and colours, were the MOST looked forward to things in my teens! (oh my...I can't believe 'my teens' is past tense now :-(

4. I still have all the letters and cards received through the years and whenever I'm lonely, upset(or plain bored :P), the handwriting of every friend winks at me...a warm hug, a happy smile, a funny incident.... I'll be back in my elements :-)

5. The little showing off I can do when I'm using all those birthday gifts that came over air/sea from the other side of the world ;-) I so want to go visit all these crazy people

PS: Sarah is wearing the birthday gift I got her this year :-) [Sarah is the first top left picture with the green curtain behind] Nurse-amma from Albany Hospital, NY

Graduate girl: Ann Chailertvanitkul (Now Ann Anderson!!!)
Curlers on the head :P : Alaina Andzelewski - the theatre artiste from Michigan/Chicago!
Glasses: Jori author to be!
The one with the drink: Chihiro Kamata...Japanese studying German in Germany now

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ஆந்திர முதல்வரை காணோம்!

YSR Reddy is missing. Tribals and Jawans, ISRO, US Defence satellites...whoah! Everybody is looking for him(and the people who went missing with him!). So, while this topic is hot, I'd like to put down two of my theories as to what might've happened to him.

1. ACF Ramana (Remember that Vijayakanth movie?) அவரை கடத்திட்டு போயிட்டாரு!!

2. ET!! Extra-terrestrials were about to land in Nallamala forest but the chopper was proving to be an hindrance so they took YSR and the others for a case study!!

PS: When I said these theories to someone, they said I sounded like an intellectual, creative psychopath. What do you have to say now?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday - Come to Jhankar!

This weekend is Jhankar (MOP Vaishnav Culturals) and I definitely want to see a lot of familiar faces!!!!

Here is the event list :

Kudos to Bumboo for patiently sitting out and working her ass of to come up with a cool list. I hope our department does justice to it!! I'll be there to cheer! And so will you! (You better be!)

Monday - La la la la....

I'm in a crazy mood I'm trying to line up songs with a lot of la la la.... chorus! :P Lol. Here are the typical la la la and one-song-la-periyaal aagara songs!

  • ரோசா பூ சின்ன ரோசா பூ (Dedicated to Blab!!!)
  • நட்சத்திர ஜன்னலில் வானம் எட்டி பாக்குது
  • எங்கள் வீட்டுக்குள்ளே உண்டு பாட்டு சத்தம்
  • வானம்பாடி என் வாழ்விலே சூர்யோதயம்
  • வெற்றி நிச்சயம் இது வேத சத்தியம்
  • பாட்டு ஒண்ணு நான் பாடட்டுமா
  • அடடா அடடா இது தானே ஆனந்தம்!
  • ஏதோ ஒரு பாட்டு என் காதில் கேட்கும்... ( லாஆஆ)
  • வெற்றி கோடி கட்டு மலைகளை முட்டும் வரை முட்டு

  • Rosa pooo chinna rosa pooo (Dedicated to Blab!!!)
  • Natchathira jannalil vaanam etti paakudhu
  • Engal veetukulle undu paatu satham
  • Vaanampaadi en vaazhvile sooryodayam
  • Vetri nichayam idhu vedha sathiyam
  • Paatu onnu naan paadatuma
  • Adada Adada idhu thaane aanandham!
  • Edho oru paatu en kaadhil ketkum... (la la la la la la la la la la laaaaaa)
  • Vetri kodi kattu malaigalai muttum varai muttu

I'm sure there are 'n' more number of songs out there!!! Comment away!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday - Regrets and Free Food

I haven't been to paatu class in two weeks. That's my biggest regret of this week. One day, Bhuvana came with me in the bus. We ate paani poori and got off home. One day, I wasted time going to check out that play thing. One day, I was just plain lazy me. The other day, I got home late. Excuses and more excuses!!

Met friends on saturday...And Today, I went to Sai Nivas to listen to Pancha Ratna Keerthanais being sung and on a day when I'm home alone, it was really lucky that they provided lunch there :-) செவிக்கும் உணவு! வயிற்றுக்கும் உணவு!

Saturday- Relationships

Relationships amaze me. Really!

Incident 1:

A couple fight for a trivial reason. It becomes a big issue. The girl cries for half an hour. The guy breaks his helmet. The girl looks so pale that she's almost like a ghost. But after like an hour, they're are teasing each other. When the guy is going out, the girl asks him to wear the helmet(without a vicer- it was broken, remember?) just so she'll feel ok that he is safe.

Incident 2:

Two people are really good friends. They realize they are in love. The girl(who is a loner btw) thinks it just doesn't seem right about them getting "together"(if you know what I mean). The guy agrees she is right(as always?!). Now that is their one and only problem. Both of them are not happy.

Phew!!! Amazing. Amusing. Confusing.