Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday- Relationships

Relationships amaze me. Really!

Incident 1:

A couple fight for a trivial reason. It becomes a big issue. The girl cries for half an hour. The guy breaks his helmet. The girl looks so pale that she's almost like a ghost. But after like an hour, they're are teasing each other. When the guy is going out, the girl asks him to wear the helmet(without a vicer- it was broken, remember?) just so she'll feel ok that he is safe.

Incident 2:

Two people are really good friends. They realize they are in love. The girl(who is a loner btw) thinks it just doesn't seem right about them getting "together"(if you know what I mean). The guy agrees she is right(as always?!). Now that is their one and only problem. Both of them are not happy.

Phew!!! Amazing. Amusing. Confusing.

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