Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday- Swine Flu!

It was said that pigs will fly if America ever gets a Black 100 days of Obama assuming office- Swine Flu!

Dark humour I say.

Anyways, the weird thing I found this week was... people wearing masks on the streets. Okay, I understand your concerns and your caution to wear a mask to protect yourself. But just buying a (fancy) mask is not enough. You need to know how to tie it properly. When mosquitoes can get through your mask, H1N1 definitely can.

Friday - Swine Flu Prevention!

Oops.. sorry this is being posted a day late!
Aaha... you guys should've seen this coming! When there is swine flu everywhere, I got this absolutely hilarious e-mail from Burfi:


Apart from the normal symptoms there are some visual symptoms they had found in recent cases. Do not please come to office if you look like this.


But on a serious note, there is this SMS that is doing the rounds. Here goes:

Scientific prevention of swine flu using household products:

1. Inhale clove oil for a second

2. Chew 1 clove a day

3. Eat raw garlic, onion, ginger

4. Drink hot milk with 2 gm of turmeric

5. Consume plenty of Vitamin C fruits

6. Use Nilgiri oil on Handkerchiefs

பாட்டி சொல்லும்போது கேட்கலை... இப்ப ஒரு பன்னிக்கு பயந்து என்னவெல்லாம் பண்ணறாங்க!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday- My top ten peeves (in no particular order)

I'm so peeved over a lot of things here goes! They may not necessarily be pet peeves, but yeah...some of them are.

Verb: peeve
Cause to be annoyed, irritated, or resentful

(Wiki says...)

1. Crowded buses and lot of traffic on roads when I'm hungry/tired

2. Friends hanging up/sounding blithe when I call them to share something happy/exciting.

3. When a friend supports the other party when someone else and I are involved(Oh, if you are saying maybe it is your mistake that's why, cut it. My friend should be my.friend. not 'judge' or 'mediator') [A good friend bails you out of jail. A super friend sits next to you and says, "motham 24 kambi iruku!"]

4. Prejudice

5. Littering/peeing in public

6. Women who keep complaining in buses...and yeah, generally people who keep whining/complaining.

7. Smelly/sweaty.. eww...

8. People who pretend like they don't know Tamil when they actually do/People who think people who talk Tamil are illiterates(Gives meaningful nod to Bum and Blab)

9. Nonchalant/Bored waiters, shopkeepers

10. Artificial, girly-girly buffed up species/People who are too full of themselves.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

100 and counting

My 100th post went past without me even noticing it...Whoah. நாங்க பிசி ஆயிட்டோம் ல!

Anyway, at this juncture, I'd like to thank

  • Nithi
  • Sandy
  • Bumboo
  • Blaby
  • Alvia (?!)
  • Dinesh Anna/Thambi
for being regular readers!

Raj Anna for all the lowes which made me write the first ever post of this blog and for visiting this dumb blog amidst his busy schedule.

Lowe you all!

Also thanks to everyone who make news and become subjects in my post! and thanks to everyone who drops in to my midnight memories for a visit!

Wednesday- All American Girl

If you are looking for one time-pass in-one-go read, you have to read this book by Meg Cabot! Reading the first chapters, I thought the heroine, Samantha Madison, sounded weird... wearing only black because "she is mourning for her generation", selling celebrity drawings and in love with her sister's boyfriend (or at least that's what she thinks).
Maybe she is weird, but that is what makes her fun. She saves the President from assassination (NOT to be a national hero, mind you!), and suddenly she becomes a celebrity (though she knows she is not!). Everywhere she goes, she is surrounded by reporters (Coke or Pepsi, Samantha? and such nuisance, lol!) and to make things better(?), the President's son might just be in love with her.
This book is really good, and you'll have quite a few laughs - totally fun to read. I would highly recommend it.

( is a confession. This is a review I wrote for TeenFX in 2005. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V to my blog :-) Find the original here)

If anybody has "All American Girl- Ready or not?", can I please borrow it?!?! I shamelessly still read young adult crap! Actually, I don't even think there is anything to be ashamed of that, what say?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday - MOP Canteen

Sambhar saadham, Man'joo'rians, juices, chilly paratha, cup noodles... WAAAAAAHHHHHHH... I miss MOP canteen!!!! Today we had noodles in office, I got reminded of the canteen. The other day we had sambhar saadham..WAAAAHHH...I missed the MOP Sambhar saadham. Any guest who comes into MOP will have this one good thing to say about the college(apart from other things like, "the girls are rude", "the campus is so small") - good food.

(Testimonials that I know of: All Radio One staff who ate here during College Champions auditions, parents of students coming for admissions etc)

The food is awwwchuum(spelling courtesy: Bumboo). I HIGHLY recommend it!

Picture courtesy: Nithya :-P

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday- Months

Okay, people are complaining I'm writing in too much Tamil. So this week's songs will be bilingual(?!) This week's theme is 'Months' (both the Tamil and the Roman calendar)

Credits: Bhuvana Kannan, the bestest friend ever

  1. ஜனவரி மாதம் - 7G ரெயின்போ காலனி
  2. ஏப்ரல் மழை மேகமே - 123
  3. ஏப்ரல் மாதத்தில் - வாலி
  4. ஜூன் ஜூலை மாதத்தில் - பிரியமானவளே
  5. ஜூலை மலர்களே - பகவதி
  6. ஜூலை மாதம் வந்தால் -புதிய முகம்
  7. சித்திரையில் என்ன வரும் - சிவப்பதிகாரம்
  8. செப்டம்பர் மாதம் - அலைபாயுதே
  9. நவம்பர் மாதம் நாலாம் தேதி - ரெட்
  10. மே மாதம் தொண்ணுத்தெட்டில் மேஜர் ஆனேனே - ஜே ஜே
  11. கனவுகள் பூக்கும் - ஏப்ரல் மாதத்தில்
  12. ஆடியில காத்தடிச்சா - வில்லன்
  13. பூ பூக்கும் மாசம் தை மாசம் - வருஷம் 16
  14. வைகாசி நிலவே - உன்னாலே உன்னாலே
  15. மார்கழி பூவே - மே மாதம்
  16. மாசி மாசம் ஆளான பொண்ணு- தர்மதுரை
  17. மாசி மாசம் தான்- ஊர் காவலன்
  18. மார்கழி திங்கள் அல்லவா- சங்கமம்
  19. தை பொறந்தா வழி பொறக்கும் - ??
  20. ஜூன் போனால் ஜூலை காற்றே - உன்னாலே உன்னாலே
For people who can't read thamizh, here goes:

  1. january madham - 7G Rainbow Colony
  2. april mazhai magame - 123
  3. april maadhathil - Vaali
  4. june july maadathil - Priyamaanavale
  5. july malargale - Bagavathi
  6. july maadham vandhaal - pudhiya mugam
  7. sithiraiyil enna varum - Sivapadhigaaram
  8. september maadham - Alaipayuthey
  9. november maadham naalam thedhi - Red
  10. may maadham thonnuthetil major aanene - Jay Jay
  11. kanavugal pookum - April maadathathil
  12. aadiyila kaathadichaa - Villan
  13. poo pookum maasam thai maasam - Varusham 16
  14. vaigaasi nilave - Unnale unnale
  15. maargazhi poove - May maadham
  16. maasi maasam aalana ponnu- Dharmadurai
  17. maasi maasam dhaan- Oor kavalan
  18. maargazhi thingal allava- Sangamam
  19. Thai porandhaa vazhi porakum -??
  20. June ponaal July kaatre - Unnale Unnale

Sunday- Lousy!

4 people dead from swine flu in India.

And my week was super lousy and the weekend was even more so.