Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Meena!!


Meenakshi.. the lady who shares her birthday with the biggest brat(see below) and the great teacher Sarvapali Radha Krishnan. Now, doesn't this say it all?!?!
Meena and I hardly talk in class, given the fact that we are sitting in two different corners, and apparently belong to two different gangs("People who sit next to you are your gang de.." - no prizes to guess who said this). So, we obviously don't have the opportunity to talk much. But yeah, potter references and dumb answers/questions/expressions/other in class are followed by glances that we give each other... funny inside joke glances!

Then yeah, our love and devotion for Harry Potter. Boy, we really do love that series.!

I bet she wouldn't know this... but she is the first BCA classmate I got to know about. When my dad came to pay the fee, he's seen her and he told me there is this tall girl called "G.S.Meenakshi" who paid the fee along with me, so yeah, she will be your classmate. So, even before I got to know that 2 of my schoolmates have joined BCA in MOP, I knew of this "tall girl Meenakshi" :) I should've sat next to her!! :( But yeah, I was sitting next to S.Deepika and Yuvashree who famously got kidnapped. lol!

But Meena has always been a good friend, source of comfort, cauldron ;) of advice and opinions etc. (even with the distance of too many rows and too many people in between he he) which have enriched my experience called life.

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Thank you Meena, for everything!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wishing a Happy Birthday to the biggest brat on earth

அது இவன் தான்!
My II Standard friend... உயர் திரு. தீபக் சங்கர் அவர்கள்.
One of the first ever guy friends I ever got.... and he was an integral part of my original first ever "gang", comprising of Me, Jaya, Deepak, Suren and Rama.
Both of us love to boast about our adventures.. ரெண்டாம் கிளாஸ் பெஞ்ச் அடியில போய் கதை பேசி, அத எங்க class teacher பார்த்து, நாள் full a bag a தலையில வெச்சுட்டு, முட்டி போட்ட போர் வீரர்கள் நாங்கள். And then, one very bad day, his dad decided he had to change schools... his mom left him and went very far away..high up. Then, there was no touch..obviously, there were no cell phones and e-mail, or even land line phone, in 1997... at least, at our end. But who can ever forget a creature like that?!?! I always used to talk of him in class, about how we used to have a lot of fun.
Then, just when Jaya and I were waiting in school to get our 9th standard textbooks, I saw this guy who looked VERY familiar. Whew....only after a week, I got to know அது இந்த லூசு தான் னு! But he refused to come back to our section because of his loves being in another section :) :) heee hee...
Time can change people...ENTIRELY. The guy who used to be first in class and a very studious சமத்து brahmin boy, had turned into a meat-eating, road poriking dude. Lots of new friends, new habits... but he still remembered the 2nd standard bag story, and that's what makes him special :)
Now, Deepak has got a job, new friends, money. Maybe now he has more than what he's ever wanted... அதனாலதானோ என்னவோ.. நாங்க இப்ப அவனுக்கு தேவையில்ல... But seriously Lala, we all miss you. Its never the same without one person less. Its okay if you don't talk to me, but the guys, please stay in touch with them. They will be there for you, whatever you go through. There is life beyond money and riches. I can't believe I'm the one advising you now.. almost always, it has been the other way around.

Anyways, Happy Birthday!!!!
Hope this birthday brings you a lot of joy, and I also wish that people who love you dearly stay with you and come back to you!!! இந்த வருஷம் ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கும் பாரு!