Thursday, September 24, 2009

I hereby declare I'm mental

I've lost it. I've honestly lost it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All American Girl- Ready or Not

This is one book I've been wanting to read for a long time. But...well...what a disappointment! The entire book revolves around one thing- Doing It. She thinks her boyfriend wants to Do It and she doesn't know whether she wants to, but is a spoiler(or is it?!), at the end, they Do It. End of story. All American Girl could've done without this sequel. Cabot is running out of ideas...

PS: Lucy falling for a nerd was the best part!

BallyFabs- The Jute Shop!

The Sunday before the last was extremely eventful. Because it was Triplet Meet day! We triplets had great fun, and yeah...when I mentioned there is this shop where you get cool jute bags for a nice price, Bumboo was mentioning this other jute bag shop with Bengali owners where you get a handsome discount if you knew Bengali. That made me really happy, because we had a ready made Bangla woman(almost) in Blabby. But Bumboo didn't know where that shop was, just knew it was called baali something, so we decided to go to the shop that I mentioned- The Jute shop! But... both the shops were the same.. ta da ta da taaan... "BallyFabs- the Jute Shop". You can find this shop in Spencer Plaza...somewhere in the 1st floor...near'll find this shop name boards... next to that is a pathway, go straight and you'll hit there(Right, twins?). You get great deals on bags, and if you know Bengali, you have this extra added advantage. I got two bags, one for 60 bucks and one for 50 bucks, and I swear you won't believe I paid only that much for those bags when you see it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday - Flower names/ பூ peyargal

I'm back!!
After a week's lull(or laziness or irritation or frustration or annoyance or all of these put togehter), I'm back finally. And this week, the Tamil songs list comes up with the theme - Flower names.

பூ பெயர்கள் முதல் வரியில் உள்ள பாடல்கள்.

  • roja roja
  • roja poo aadi vandhadhu
  • roja malare raaja kumari
  • madura marikozhundhu vaasam
  • malligai poove
  • malligai malligai pandhale
  • malligaye malligaye
  • sevvandhi poo mudicha chinnakka hoi!
  • kaadhal rojaave
  • mullai malar mele moikum vandu pole
  • alli alli anaarkali
  • poovarasam poo poothaachu

  • ரோஜா ரோஜா
  • ரோஜா பூ ஆடி வந்தது
  • ரோஜா மலரே ராஜ குமரி
  • மதுர மரிகொழுந்து வாசம்
  • மல்லிகை பூவே
  • மல்லிகை மல்லிகை பந்தலே
  • மல்லிகையே மல்லிகையே
  • செவ்வந்தி பூ முடிச்ச சின்னக்கா ஹோய்!
  • காதல் ரோஜாவே
  • முல்லை மலர் மேலே மொய்க்கும் வண்டு போலே
  • அல்லி அல்லி அனார்கலி
  • பூவரசம் பூ பூத்தாச்சு