Sunday, June 29, 2008

A FEW Advantages and disadvantages of NOT having a boy-friend


  • Guilt-free life. You don't have to be worried everytime you step in to your house, that someone you know might've seen you with your boyfriend somewhere, and might've come and told your parents.
  • No Brain Damage. Without a boyfriend, cell phone becomes just another gadget. You don't hang on to it like your life depends on it. So, less talking less damage to brain. And pocket.
  • You don't have to give a shit about looks. Unless you are desperately looking for another boyfriend, you don't have to care too much about your looks. You don't have to be worried if your friend looks better than you when are going to meet a guy.
  • Better attendance. Your college bunking will be reduced by 50%, so you won't have to pay condonation for writing the exam... save money. get good name. ஒரே கல்லுல ரெண்டு மாங்கா!!
  • Eat better. Sleep Better. Do I have to elaborate on that?
  • Free to sight anyone. Yeah, no guilty feelings. Happily freak out!
  • Lie: Truth ratio. Yeah, finally you can also aim to become Harichandra's descendant.
  • You can sit and think of stuff like this :)
  • Free Food
  • Free lifts
  • All those gifts
  • Er.. and yea, you can get a bit physical. Good for your harmones.
  • Someone to listen to even your stupidest thoughts and polambals.