Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thinkings of the Bloggings!

That was a good question, Bumboo. If I can go on and on about *something* else, of course it does mean I have time to update my blog. Why ain't I writing on it then? But, what do I write about? That was the million dollar question. Because, like you know, if I write about *something* here in my blog, people are going to laugh, right? But okay...now that I've decided I am going to write, let me write something. (you can choose not to read it anyway!)

First, let me show you something:

The new Reynolds Ad...done by Maitri (which is where I work for). And aah...you don't have to tell me its a great ad, good job (or yuck! it sucks!)...cuz I had nothing to do with it :P

But hey! all of us will definitely appreciate good ads, won't we? Like this one, i mean...

Until I figure out what to write about...

Yours Truly,