Saturday, October 18, 2008

29 C A/C Volvo Bus

I absolutely love travelling to and from college in the bus (ONLY when the bus is not crowded/ I get a seat!) and today, me being the whimsical person I am, decided to travel by the brand-new A/C Volvo 29 C!
Maybe I wanted to treat myself for writing the Software Engineering eggjam well (considering the way I studied yesterday :) or maybe I just had too much money, I wanted to spend Rs. 23 for no reason... :p Anyway, I just wanted to tell you...experience this fun ride, if one of these buses ply in your route. (Find details here: In old movies, anybody who comes from the village to the Chennai பட்டணம் will always look up to the LIC (Bang! Scene shifts from village to Chennai!). Now, people are looking up to this bus, like its some exhibit. When the bus waits in the bus stop, you can see a lot of people hesitating...and then climbing in with a resolute look. And, they all do feel good when they come in :) The bus plays music, the conductor and driver have safaris as their uniform (or are they safaris? it looks more like a சேட்டு கல்யாண band வாத்திய uniform for me!) I think everyone should have a ride in this latest Chennai phenomenon... alone.