Thursday, December 25, 2008

Secret Santa

Christmas is this really fun time of the year, whatever religion you follow. It's the holidays, after all! And for us, Christmas is synonymous with 'Secret Santa' or Chrisma-Chrischild as it is popularly known in this part of the world :)

I have many fond memories of this game... especially when we used to play it in the street. Once, we born-and-raised-as-hindus lot played the game, and ended it on Ramzan. How cool is that!
I remember throwing lil gifts(which ranged from chocolates, junk stuff, erasers in different shapes, notes and what not!) into my child's window, practically, every other hour. It used to be this obsession back then. Saving up every penny(ok, rupee) to buy gifts for someone else, is something truly wonderful, coming to think of it, and we all learnt it so easily, courtesy Secret Santa. Bhuvana and I couldn't keep the secret between us, and we always knew each other's child. Same goes with Jaya too. Amidst all the chaos and suspicions, it was quite difficult to play the perfect Santa. But, that's where the fun of the game laid. I still have my final gifts that my Chris-mum got me years ago.

This year, the game was very special to me, thanks to my lowely Chrismum. I was really reluctant to play the game, from how things have been going for me this year, I really didn't think it was a good idea to play the game with the entire 3rd BCA. NOT a good idea at all. But do I ever get my way?! And for once, I am glad, I didn't get my way. Kali, Asta, BD, Archu, Suji, Rekha and a whole lot of other people came up to me and literally pushed me into picking up a name. ED(or E.Deepika) was my chrischild. I played my part okay, sent her lil gifts from time to time and all that. My Chrismum sent me really weird comments.. "Wear a saree and sing random songs in the podium"... I had to plead back to reduce it to a half-saree. And, I had to dance with that half saree later. Bah... but rules are rules and the game is to be played that way, so I did it all...for fun. What fun it was! Divya dancing, Gowthami slapping everyone and getting slapped, BD with the ஒற்றை ரோஜா...Sukanya singing Mallu songs to everyone in class, Kali asking sorry to every other soul, me shaking hands with everyone in Infosys saying "Hi this is Vedha"... it will all remain etched in memory...after all, I have very few good memories of classroom fun in college. 23rd December was the last day, and guess who my mommy was? Sujitha! Mummy good mummy. Mummy gave me chockie, sexy purple tee, ear-rings and pendant, mobile wallet and card with lowe letter. I'm scanning the card and putting it up along with this post... (click to enlarge I think) lowe letter is confidential. Thank you so much, Suji! for making me feel nice and special! I really owe you one!!!