Thursday, August 21, 2008

Creative Singing - LINK 2008

Topic: Different Job Sites, their uses and influence

(The whole thing was written in less than 10 minutes...)

Before 5 years... (Loosu penne Remix Tune)

கண்கள் மூடி இரவு தூங்கும் போதே என் resume வும் முன்னே வந்து என்ன எழுப்புதே.. வேலை தேட சொல்லுதே...

லூசு பையா லூசு பையா லூசு பையா, வேலை தேடி நீயும் ஏன்டா
ரோடில் அலையுற??

வேலை கிடைக்காதா வேலை கிடைக்காதா.. எனக்கும் எனக்கும் இப்போ வேலை கிடைக்காதா...

Right Now... (கத்தாழ கண்ணாலே... tune)


Job தேடினாலே பேஜாரு தானுங்க...
ரோடு ரோடாகவே அலைந்தோமே பாருங்க..
வீட்டில் inter- net ல தட்டீ
Job sites எ கண்டுபுடிச்சு
resume feed பண்ணோம்.
job a catch பண்ணோம்..

சரணம் - 1

மள மளவென
நற நறவென
தட தடவென
ஜிலு ஜிலுவென

education details personal details
extra curricular சேத்தா CV ங்க..
Job கிடைக்க போகுது..
வாழ்கை மாற போகுது...

சரணம்- 2

interview tips உம் இருக்குதுங்க
Aptitude questions உம் இருக்குதுங்க
GD க்கு demo videos இருக்குதுங்க
Techincal rounds க்கும் help ங்க..

resume எ பாத்தாலே.. மெயில் ல job ங்க
computer முன்னால career பாருங்க
வாழ்க்கைல ஜெயிச்சோம் நாங்க

OLAP and LINK 2008

Being a student of MOP, and a student of the Department of Computer Science, ONLINE club activities take up most of August every year. Same this year, too.

This year we (Vedha- Vice President, Supri- Treasurer, Deepti & Sukanya- Joint Secretaries, and a bunch of other people who are blah blah) successfully(or so I wish to think) DID IT!

OLAP 08' saw over 15 colleges competing, which is a great deal according to our Principal, so that's good. But the teams were sad, and as always, LINK had better standard.

HCL gave us the overall sponsorship 35000!!! And totally, we got around Rs. 55000 sponsorship. Wow! So HCL INSISTED that they will bring judges for Paper presentation and debugging.... ;)

Trophies were a major disappointment, a few people fucked up the ordering of trophies and we ended up with lousy ones(compared to last year), but they were still decent, come on!

We got the great Mr. Arun Mozhi as the judge for Creative Singing. Thanks a lot, Arun!! You made the event a big success. Arun's sarcastic comments and so-called advices made the atmosphere very lively. The most devoted employee of Radio One, he wrote, "Ajal Gujal Majaa" in the visitors book. என்னே ஒரு பற்று!! அட அட அட....

Rajiv replaced Raj anna for Ad zap, along with Thyagu Sir. And I would like to bestow Raj Anna with the choicest of swear words for not being able to make it. Rajiv wore shades inside the auditorium, and wrote, "Thanks for the juice!" in the visitors book. Typical him!

20th August was LINK. We came 2nd in ad zap which was the greatest disappointment ever in the recent times, because I thought we actually did a really good job. Kavitha ma'am, ex- English HOD was the judge, so cursing is curbed. We had a super cool topic- SPEAKERS. B.Sc CS 3rd years came first :(
In the afternoon, we went to Ethiraj College ad-zap (வேற என்ன வேலை?!?) and we actually thought we weren't all that great(These girls raised my BP, coming in at the LAST minute to Ethi!! DUH), but we came first. They gave us "quantitative aptitude" by RS Agarwal as prize. How thoughtful :p B.Sc CS(representing MOP day) came 2nd. So there's our revenge!!
We came first in Creative Singing(Again, lousy topic - Job sites, their uses and influence. The original song version will come later!)

And, BCA ROCKS!!! First in Debugging, Salad Programming, Paper presentation, Ship Wreck, Creative Singing, Technovate. Second in Ad zap, Technovate. Third in Poster Designing, Technovate, Ad Zap, Creative Singing. (Yeah, Technovate all three came to us! Ad zap, 2nd and 3rd is us, first years keeping up the ad zap tradition) But the biggest happiness is, we didn't place in Quiz, proving ourselves to be the most un-nerdy lot :) :)
Just wished Abilasha had been this good :(

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!!!!


Sarah, I would like to thank you for being a great friend and source of support. Your letters bring a lot of joy into my life, and the years of sharing everything from mutual likings, problems, joys and exciting things to the wackiest and weirdest part of me with you has made me a lot better :)

I hope this year brings in a lot of joy, and hope you spend a great time with family and Pat!!!!

Here's wishing you a great birthday filled with fun, friends, family and presents!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad you are my friend!!!!