Sunday, November 16, 2008

வாரணம் ஆயிரம் - The DADDY Movie!

நாங்க 'வானரம் ஆயிரம்' னு ஒரு அருமையான படம் எடுக்க inspiration !!! (with Supri as heroine!)

Well, that was a joke obviously, one among the 100 lousy jokes we cracked during the course of the movie. We somehow got the tickets, FINALLY(All thanks to Mubby...oops, Deepti, and her uncle working in Sathyam Cinemas :P).

I'm probably not the right person to review a movie, but come on, its MY blog, and its a country of free speech!

Vaaranam Aayiram is a tribute from Gautam 'Vasudev' Menon to his dad. But whether it has reached all the dads and sons from all over, is still a question. I'm guessing guys can understand the movie better, because it is about a father-son relationship (I guess we girls should just wait for Abhiyum Naanum).

I will not give a spoiler review like TOI, but let me just tell you, you have to watch this movie. For Surya. He is BLOODY brilliant, and I'm NOT talking about his six pack!

This movie is a good come back for Simran, as a talented actress (at least, better than Seval), and some of her acting says 'I'm back! with a bang.' But we should agree that she can never be a Kajol. She's put on weight, and she looks old. Especially with ரெட்டை ஜடை.. whew...she looks bad. (Reminds me of Reema Sen in Vallavan)

Sameera Reddy looks oomph! as the 'swept over by the feet' girl, Meghna. Goutam once again proves his brilliance in choosing his heroines here. Divya(a.k.a Kuthu Ramya) is sparingly used, but yeah... the lesser the better.

All in all, its a DADDY movie. 'I am Major K. Surya Daddy' HA HA HA!
'He's smiling'
'It's okay, you'll be alright'
'kiddo' 'sunno'

You see, the movie is about a very well educated 'Kurkure' family! The 'DADDY' factor makes the movie comical really. What was Goutam Menon thinking?!?!

The music is AWESOME. But you never know, it is Harris Jayaraj. So, in a few months' time, you might find videos in YouTube giving the original versions from where these songs might've been copied!

Rating: **** (All for Surya!)

Movie: Must-watch, definitely.

Plus: Surya (Dad & Son), Simran, Music, Lyrics

Minus: Daddy :P (definitely can't think beyond that!)

And, I love the message that is conveyed in the movie- "Whatever happens, life has to go on". How very true!