Sunday, September 7, 2008

Am I complicated or Are they nuts?

Seriously, I always thought I was open about what I think and say, to friends at least. But I don't know why I've never been able to understand why people misinterpret whatever I think/say (Supri will say, "Join the club"). Especially THIS person. This person who has stuck with me for almost 3 years now... and all the while they were thinking, I was bossing over them, trying to treat them as my inferior blah blah blah.

Am I that dumb, that I can't make myself clear, or are they really stupid to misinterpret me?!?!

And I really wanna know how people who haven't even spoken to me twice, can draw conclusions about how I am 'big show off without any feelings' ?!?!

I wanna tell this to HER - I just can't believe you used to talk, laugh and listen to me, thinking ill of me all the time. This is one of the worst things someone has ever done to me. No. This is the worst thing. Thanks for making me feel the pain of betrayal of trust.

Again, this just reiterates why I'm scared to love, and scared to trust.