Friday, July 31, 2009

My Big Never-Told-Before Story

Astrobiology (other terms have been exobiology, exopaleontology, and bioastronomy) is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe

I'm in office and extremely bored. Luckily my boss is on leave ;-) and people in accounts department are on leave as well, the other marketing people are on duty, and so the whole floor is just for me and this one particular HR person. With sad songs in the background(Courtesy: Worldspace KL Radio) and just the computer for company, I was wondering what to do. Almost all the fun websites are blocked in my office but I just typed and yay! it does work here. So here I am! After a long long time...

(Also I should say the reason why I typed Blogger. Nithi has been featured as "Diamond Chef" for her 4thsensesamayal blog in Nice saree there Nithi! Get married soon! You're my inspiration in a lot of things including blogs and sarees :-P) the reason for this post. Today I saw a news in Yahoo! about an UFO sighting in UK. Coincidentally, two days ago, I was asking Burfi if he believed in extra terrestrials, and I was Wiki-ing for Aliens. Maybe you guys are wondering why I have this obsession for aliens. Because we(Bhuvana, her sisters and I) saw a spaceship once from my terrace! (I can hear you saying.."Ha ha! Good joke!") *Ta ra ta ra* Presenting my big story in public after so many years.

Long long ago, it was the day when Mars was coming very close to the earth and it was said it'll be pretty bright and we can see it in the night sky very clearly. So being the star gazers(or gazing at anything attractive :P) that we are, we went to the terrace to see Mars. And what did we see? A spaceship! An UFO! Maybe the picture I'm giving you along with this might sound like I've flicked it from some movie/website and just drew it in Paint, but that was what we saw anyway. A dome like thing on top which blinked different colour lights, a saucer and something below that kept spinning very fast. We first thought it was an airplane or something, but from being just a speck of light, it was clearly big as a spaceship in seconds...and it just zoomed off in zig zag direction before we could realize what it actually was. I remember Bhuvana and I shouting, "UFO! Hey Martian! Come take us!! We need adventure!!" (I don't know why we thought a Martian might know English and not Tamil!) Lol. We were those kids who were always fantasizing about whatever we read in books/saw in movies, and adventures with aliens were right on top of the list. I remember us running down and telling dad what we saw. I even drew diagrams for him, I think he didn't really believe me. We shoved Priya in front(she was a really kutti kid back then...say 2nd or 3rd std or something) and we were like, "kids don't lie. Ask her what she saw". But unfortunately she described the UFO sighting like how Mrs. Figgs explained Dementors(for non Potter fans, sorry. I didn't know how to describe it better). So bang went our big story, and without pictures or anything, we didn't have anything to prove ourselves and be famous :-P :-(

(Special Thanks to Alaina for believing us)

All we could do was sit and watch My Favorite Martian in Star Movies a few days later.