Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life at MOP- Courtesy: Sandhya!!

This is one of the best ever things written about MOP. You gotta see this!!!!!!

Disclaimer: This is not a Guide to sruvival in MOP, this is just the tip of the ice-berg.
Am sure the "Alive" memebers and the newbies in the comm will have lotssss to post in this..

Day 1 in college: You'll meet ur "respected" teachers :D Your so-called class faculty will try making all of you talk on various topics, which is actually veryyyyyyy funnyy... At the fag end of the day, you will meet your "Seniors", Yes! Alllllll of them will try to fit in inside your classroom, they'll try making u sing (Yeahhh!), dance, and hell a lot of other things, which may or may not make any sense depending on ur sensibilites.

One week later, you girls wud be pretty accustomed to coming to coll in the sweltering heat!! By this time you wud know who is who and who's who. (Hope you get the pun)

By the time you realise what's happening your seniors will start hounding you with auditons for the fresher cults and you'll have ur first internals coming up!! You will be asked to cough up money...

Once your cults are over the REAL life in MOP starts, home-works, assignments, seminars, projects, you name it; we have it! And mind you evrything carries marks..!

The college isnt organised, its the epitome of chaosss!! Apart from this, you'll have records to finish, this is done by copying ur frnds program literally and figuratively..!

Life is chaotic beyond description! You run around to finish your assignments, burn the midnight oil to finish tht crappy project, spend hoursss online looking for that elusive program which you can pass off as "your" program, (some teachers will buy it), run from pillar-to-post to get papers photocopied, waste JK Copiers for ur projects,, which will not receive more than a mere glance, on programs, outputs and algorithms which receive a tick.

Next come the Semester exams! Lol yeah.. Ppl actually try studying for the semesters.
We in MOP study like the others do, we start off the night before the examination , stay up alll night, come groggy eyed to the exam, crib bout the paper, swear at the lecturer, try cramming until the examiner screams out "garlsss comeee innnnn for the n-th time"
Well, the rest as they say is "history" !

t was quite scarryyy soo far, now I'll tell u the fun part of MOP
1) The cults!
2) You can SMS for hourrssss in the class. (This I slightly disagree...MOBILES BANNED NOW IN THE COLLEGE PEOPLE!!!)
3) You can doze off in any position, the teacher will be least bothered.
4) The CANTEEN..! ...
5) You can use the lab hours to catch up on gossip, just make sure you dont sit in groups.
There are more, but cant think of any.. Brain-Fuel-Exhausted.

Tips to Keep your sanity intact.
1) Be a NICE GARAL(literally and figuratively).
2) Make "Frindsheep" with the women in the dept. Appo appo oru colgate smile.
3) Don't underestimate anybody, the looozaah of ur class might beat you hands-down.
4) Be on your toes.
5) Make sure you get goood publicity...

Finally, Life in MOP is a rat-race, and its a maaaddd-maaaddd-maaaaaaaaaddddddddd world out there.. Hang in there, and you'll be thru in no time!


The glorious uncertainities of life

வாழ்க்கை சில சமயம் புரட்டி போடும்.. சில சமயம் புரோட்டா போடும்.
வந்தா மலை, வராட்டி... _____ னு போயிட்டே இருக்க வேண்டியது தான்.

Life is a great journey. I'm probably not the right person to explain all this... but yea, just enjoy the roller coaster ride. You were brave enough to get into it, and you'll get out off it safely(I'm NOT talking about Final Destination 3 by the way!!)