Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday- Horoscopes

I have this habit of looking at Horoscope predictions. I don't know how I became interested in it...maybe it is in my genes, because dad can give decent predictions reading a 'Jadagam' and his knowledge was got from books. So, anyway, I somehow tend to look at the horoscope in newspapers and online whenever I can. I don't tend to go by it though. But sometimes I can relate to the horoscope for my sign.(especially The New Indian Express horoscope is scarily accurate at times!) And I know the sun signs by heart :P

I've read Scorpio is compatible with Capricorn, and I find a lot of my good friends and people who actually understand me too much are Capricorns (Eg: Bhuvana, Supri, Yushi, Dinesh)


"The most magnetic, the most mystifying and the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac"

"Possessiveness and jealousy are the characteristics traits of the Scorpion and a Scorpio cannot tolerate sharing something or someone they considers theirs. Whenever they become involved in a relationship, they become emotionally much attached, though it may take some time for their partner to realize this." (Sometimes, this gets too much. We aren't extra jealous or possessive, are we?)

I somehow like my sun sign. Maybe because my sign represents whatever I am, or because I'm that way because of my sign. But I never met a fellow Scorpio friend up until college(with the exception of our Philosopher Subha), and in college it sort of became an overdose. I found Sukanya. I found Bumboo. I also happened to find Deepika. *Shrugs*

I somehow always find sun sign predictions and personality matches...I've seen living proof of this, and also people who are totally opposite to their signs. Whatever. Horoscopes are fun, and as long as they remain just for fun, eet ees acceptable I guess. now you are wondering what is the WHOLE POINT of this post?! Well, it is completely pointless :-) Got the point?

PS: Ok. The truth is I've been trying to see if there is the remoteset chance if Scorpio and Taurus can be good friends. As far as I can see, it seems quite impossible. (Sandy is an exception).

Thursday- Top 5 reasons why I'm not doing a list this week

1. I'm thoroughly just lazy right now.

2. This guy keeps annoying me. He sure has MPD.

3. I'm depressed tomorrow is a Saturday and the fact still remains that my office works half a day on a Saturday

4. I'm sleepy. Because I don't get enough sleep everyday :-( I hate getting up early to office.

5. I don't know what list to make!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday- Twilight

I was going to review Twilight...and tell you all how unfairly it is over-hyped, but Bhuvana says maybe I should read the entire series before giving out opinions. So if anybody has New moon and the third book in the series(forgot the name :P), please send it through. I have the 4th one :-)


I saw an article today morning in Yahoo! about companies wanting to hire more "Green Techies". My colleague in the next cabin and I were simultaneously googling "Green Techies" in our respective machines for more information(because Yahoo! News is blocked in office. Don't even get me started on that!). But again, simply put, green techies are people who know how to save energy. "anyone doing innovative things with computers and electronics to reduce energy use, reuse, and recycle."

And coincidentally, today Dinesh had commented today that I should change my blog's background colour. My dear anna/thambi...there is a reason why the background is black - energy saving!
And at this juncture... :-) *ta ra ta raaan* introducing to you(ok...if you already know it, feel free to wander away) BLACKLE- the energy saving search engine. For more information, go HERE beecaaz eet weeell bee plaigiarism if I cut and paste that here :P

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday - Window seat Bus ride

I think everybody should at least experience this once. A busy day... lot of traffic... light drizzle outside...people running for cover... people braving the rains... FM music sounding sour because the rain drops sound better... an open window through which some rain drops dare to touch your elbow resting on the window railings... :-) Feel it to believe it.

Monday - மனசு

Here is a list of songs that have 'manasu' (heart) in its beginning line.
  • மனசுக்குள் ஒரு புயல் மையம் கொண்டதே
  • மனசு ரெண்டும் பார்க்க
  • மனசே மனசே மனசில் பாரம்
  • மனசுக்குள்ளே தாகம் வந்துச்சா
  • மனசுக்குள் உட்கார்ந்து மணி அடித்தாய்
  • மனசுக்குள் மனசுக்குள் புது மழை
  • லேசா பறக்குது மனசு மனசு
  • Manasukul oru puyal maiyam kondadhe
  • Manasu rendum paarka
  • Manase manase manasil baaram
  • Manasukkule dhaagam vandhuchaa
  • Manasukkul utkaarndhu mani adithaai
  • Manasukul manasukul pudhu mazhai
  • Lesaa parakudhu manasu manasu

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday- Of Trucks and Taunts and Twilight

I had a great week. On Monday, I met idiot Mru and Vasanth Anna. That triggered a series of fights...but I'm glad we were able to pull it off at the end, with an happily-ever-after(?!) ending. Haran came home, from London, and so did Meenakshi Akka(Anni), and athai and athimber. It was good to have them around, especially Haran, whose vocabulary consists entirely of trains, buses, trucks, lorries and the like. He loves Bhuvana(wow! that woman is really good with kids) and told her all the stories of the adventures of his 3-year-old self. I also got to meet Supri, and it was fun picking up toys for Haran. He especially liked the Blue Engine and Edward, one of the Thomas the engine toys. Saturday(Madras Day!!) was my niece's Priya's and Lawanya's birthday. I got to meet both of them, and did a lot of catching up with my cousin and Lawanya. The best part about the visit to my cousin's house was - Twilight! I've beeeen wanting to get my hands on that book for so long, it was unbelievable when Priya just shoved that book onto my lap...her 12 year old self didn't really understand vampire romance I guess. (Did you know Twilight was actually rejected by 14 agents before it got published?! What's with rejection and popularity?!?! Remember Harry Potter?)

Sundays are the laziest of days, and this sunday was no different. I woke up at 11 30, ate and went back to sleep at 2, woke up at 5, washed my hair, ate dosa, watched dum dum dum...and twilight! Bliss I say...Bliss.
I'm ready for another week :-)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday- Late realization

You knew it was going to happen. A big meeting of one political party condemning its own country's government and that of the neighbourhood's. You saw all those people coming in huge buses hanging out of the bus windows, sitting on the bus's roof and all that. You heard them yell that the President of a neighbouring country is a pimp. You heard them shouting slogans praisign the dead leader of an organization that has been categorized as 'Terrorist' and promising to follow him.

You let all that happen. It happened. Next day, you publish an announcement in the newspaper saying, people supporting a banned organization, using their emblem, photos of their leaders blah blah blah will be penalized. Chief secretary Sir, this is what you call late realization and non-chalance. You either stop it before it happens, or at least don't pretend you're trying to.