Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday- Top 5 reasons why I'm not doing a list this week

1. I'm thoroughly just lazy right now.

2. This guy keeps annoying me. He sure has MPD.

3. I'm depressed tomorrow is a Saturday and the fact still remains that my office works half a day on a Saturday

4. I'm sleepy. Because I don't get enough sleep everyday :-( I hate getting up early to office.

5. I don't know what list to make!!!


VISHNU said...

MPD?? am not so good with the acronyms..

Vedha said...

You could Google it :-)

Multiple Personality Disorder :P

VISHNU said...

i thot it would be sum complex term.. it turned out to be a mokka.. thangala unga lollu.. continue posting..

Vedha said...

did i ever mention it was complex?! i aint responsible for ur assumptions!