Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday- Late realization

You knew it was going to happen. A big meeting of one political party condemning its own country's government and that of the neighbourhood's. You saw all those people coming in huge buses hanging out of the bus windows, sitting on the bus's roof and all that. You heard them yell that the President of a neighbouring country is a pimp. You heard them shouting slogans praisign the dead leader of an organization that has been categorized as 'Terrorist' and promising to follow him.

You let all that happen. It happened. Next day, you publish an announcement in the newspaper saying, people supporting a banned organization, using their emblem, photos of their leaders blah blah blah will be penalized. Chief secretary Sir, this is what you call late realization and non-chalance. You either stop it before it happens, or at least don't pretend you're trying to.

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