Saturday, June 28, 2008

Radio One and Chennai Traffic Police 'Traffic Awareness'

Today, for the first time ever in my life(சத்தியமா! சொன்னா நம்புங்க!) I went to Besant Nagar beach. But I didn't go there with friends to spend time idly, or with a boyfriend(not that I have one!) to hide in a corner and share secrets. It was for a cause. Radio One and Chennai traffic police together conducted a 'Traffic Awareness' show in Bessie today(tomorrow it is in Marina!).
குழந்தைகளுக்கு மருந்து கொடுக்கனும்னா, முதல்ல ஸ்வீட்ஸ் ஏதாவது கொடுப்பாங்க, like that, we had to do use show-biz to ask people to wear helmets! and follow other traffic rules.
We had to bring in a few celebrities(who are mostly dumb-asses and rule-breakers) to pull crowd, and look-alikes of cine stars to make them stay. Then, வாழைபழத்துல ஊசி ஏத்தர மாதிரி, நடுவுல நடுவுல நல்லா விஷயம் புகுத்த வேண்டியிருந்தது. But, like Nayagan Kamal says, "நாலு பேருக்கு நல்லது செய்யணும் னா எதுவுமே தப்பில்லை"!!! :)