Friday, September 26, 2008

Nandy is back!!!

Nandy is back!!!
Nandy is back!!!
Nandy is back!!!
Nandy is back!!!

(In the same war dance step that relates to HE-GOT-OFF HE-GOT-OFF HE-GOT-OFF! Doesn't make sense to you?? Read Harry Potter!)


Ad Zap in MGR Janaki

Those people at MGR Janaki College should be..... duh, dunno what to say... but yeah, மெரீனா ல ஒரு சிலை வெக்கணும்... for thinking of all such WEIRD topics.

Want sample??

1. Tripping shoe
2. Staining toothpaste
3. 1 foot long flash eye lashes
4. HOT ice-cream
5. Cell phone without SMS(can you even believe it?!?!)

etc etc...

and of all topics, we get 'INTELLIGENT BATHROOMS!!' ayyo ayyo. We ended up getting second which was like awesome, amongst the whole lot of men crowd booing and passing comments all over the place... huh.

And, I loved what Anjana Iyer(Yeah! She was the judge!) said. She told people the criteria for judging and stuff...
1. Originality
2. Kamal Haasan, Rajnikanth எல்லாரையும் விட்டுடுங்க... தப்பு தப்பா mimicry பன்னி அவங்கள அசிங்க படுத்தாதீங்க..
3. Don't do the same concept over and over and over and over again.
4. Don't COPY...
etc etc...

We(Supri and I mostly...) were really happy listening to what she said... music to our ears! Hope people heed to her advice!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Hema!!!

Hema turns 19 today... Happy Birthday! And I tried calling you, but your mum said you are at your grandma's place, and you never told me that, so I ended up not wishing you in person. End of story.

Anyways, I dunno if someone who Hema would've wanted to wish, wished her, but here is me, and a LOT of other people wishing Hema!

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. இத நான் சொல்லல... Oprah Winfrey சொல்லி இருக்காங்க.. enjoy பண்ணு... no worries!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEMA!!! you will definitely have a great year ahead!!!

Happy Birthday Mrudhula!!!!!

September 22nd... when my partner in crime was born!!

I remember Mrudhula coming to our street in one kutti azhuku BSA champ cycle, with bobbed hair and glasses. We did the most insane things together!!! And thankfully, we are still the same insane bum chums. Radio One got us closer, and we rocked the city together(Radio One rocked worser, but now that's another story!) I still haven't given her my birthday gift, I actually haven't even got half of it, but yeah, she is yet to give my last year's gift, so its okay, doesn't matter :) I did all the over feelings of India CD for her last birthday, so no feelings this year... just a plain wish to say "KEEP ROCKING and HAVE A BLAST THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!!!!" And in the middle of the night with an exam, and lots of submissions, my insanity has reached its height, and that's why I searched for the weirdest picture of hers to put up in here! Ensoy maadi :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!