Friday, July 18, 2008


Let's face it. Be it board exams, or campus interviews, there are people EVERYWHERE to give you much needed support and NOT-AT-ALL needed advice. I'm here to give you neither. But I just thought I'll let you know what happened to me.

Me being hailed as the queen of sorts(pun intended!), everybody expected me to get placed in the first ever interview I sat for. Thank whoever I did, or else I dunno what shit I would've had to go through.

Campus interview=
  • Chaos
  • Group studying. SINCERE group studying.
  • you finish studying for the day, your head aches.
  • You actually start to like all the HUGE books that are lying in front of you. (You realise what a wrong thought that is, minutes later!)
  • Your parents actually ask you to STOP studying.
  • Everything else seems blurred in memory
  • You message/call anyone in your address book and ask for wishes.
  • You start appreciating and admiring your seniors!! "Whew! They actually got through this madness!!"
  • You don't sleep at night
  • If you do, you get stupid dreams.
  • Instead, you sleep in class.
  • You regret sleeping/playing in your 8th std Math classes...
  • RESUME- they actually give you classes to boast about your(very little) achievements in a paper called, 'resume'.
  • And then comes the actual D-Day!
to be continued......