Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I watched a movie first day-first show on a festival day !!

One of my chinna chinna aasais was to watch a movie first day first show on a festival day! And for a change, this wish of mine got fulfilled. Isn't that cool? Eeeeeeeee. I have already watched Mozhi first day first show(and I'm proud of it! I stood in the queue and got tickets!!)
Supri's friend wanted to book tickets for the entire family, online. But being first day first show and all that, Inox allowed only two tickets to be booked at a time. And, by the time, the next set of two tickets could be booked, puff...housefull. And those two tickets ended up in our hands... :) We did pay for it, but let me tell you, this should've been one of the easiest ways to procure two first day tickets... stand outside Eatalica, pay money, get the tickets :) Although the comments about who I should be taking to the movie, could've been avoided.

Ok... to break the 'suspense' we watched Padikadhavan. I got thoroughly impressed by the "paatha pidikaadhu paaka paaka dhaan pidikum" dialogue. But, ahem... never judge a movie by its trailer :P lol. But yeah, it was a good movie... as in, basic time pass stuff that you can watch once as a worthy enough gamble. Unlike a lot of people, I actually happen to like Dhanush as an actor. I know I couldn't sleep properly for two days after watching Kadhal Konden. But be warned, you will be thorougly disappointed if you are looking for a story in Padikadhavan. Tamannah is good in the movie, but she's again a running-around-tree heroine. There are a lot of villains in the movie, lots of Reddy garus, Raami Reddy, Samara Simha Reddy... blah blah blee blee. Sometimes, it is so confusing as to which rowdy is doing what, and for what he is doing it. The comedy in the movie is the saving grace. Dhanush's timing is awesome as ever, and you have a lot of other people like Vivek and Mayilsamy to tickle your funny bone. So yeah...there you go. I happened to watch a movie first day first show, and I happened to like it. Clap clap clap!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Appa!! Finally they arrived, and when? On THE birthday. The NAAC visit did dampen our celebrations to an extent, but Supri and I successfully chased a stray in the night singing to the sky. We had a birthday drink (Kashayam) and kept awake talking about the ISRO guy(phrase borrowed from Bumboo). I dunno when we slept, but immediately(or so it felt like) we had to get up, and go to college, because NAAC committee was coming!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kolam in front of the canteen, clean department room, sparkling fountain, pots of flora everywhere... MOP was sooo different. Someone compared the whole mopping up to "பாமா விஜயம்." So true so true.

NAAC committee came and went. Our project couldn't get displayed ANYWHERE thanks to the misunderstandings and mishaps that defines MOP. This obviously made us triplets get PISSED. pissed beyond words. And, a lot of things had pissed us already(like piss off council, hunger pang, birthday blues etc etc) so this got us more pissed. Which made us diss people and diss each other. Which was disastrous. But we are THE TRIPLETS! and nothing dampens us!!! So we went to celebrate birthday :-) La la la la la la............

Then blabber came home. We went to temple, ate jal mori and had a good time star-gazing.
Happy Birthday yush!

Happys endings!