Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well... whatever

Well... when all of us were thinking recession(or THE GREAT DEPRESSION) was the worst thing that could've happened, we get Nisha. And the bomb blasts.

People who can still smile and say "Wow! We've got four days holidays because of the hurricane" can please go and bang their head on the great wall of China. You wouldn't enjoy the holiday so much if you were to float in a thermocole boat day and night, would you? (Okay...I agree. We'll rejoice we aren't one of them. But still!)

Mumbai blasts. What the HELL is wrong with these people?!?!?!?! Why kill innocent lives?? I saw a guy on the TV, showing his hand, where fingers should've been, only blood could be seen. I still can't get that out of my head. I'm sure its gonna haunt me for days. What is the WHOLE POINT of killing people??????????????

All this makes me think, that we are, indeed, getting nearer to the Doomsday. is the freakiest website ever.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Uncle Chips- The Auntie's processing weapon!

I don't know what the connection is, between us and Anjana Iyer. But she pops up in every other Ad zap these days, as the judge(that is the saddest part!). This time, she had to team up with Aruna GaneshRam, the famed ex-president of MOP, and result= all the participants were screwed.

Sample of topics?

1. HP Laptop- Petrol Powered Processing P3

2. Jet Air - Getting out made faster

3. The Times of India on Fastrack

... and we got... you guessed right! Uncle Chips- The Auntie's processing weapon!

To tell you the truth, we were a little nervous. With these 'judges' screwing every other team on stage, we didn't know what we would be subjected to.

Thankfully, Supri managed the situation with some help from Deepti, and some 'er... well... actually' from me :P

And we came FIRST!!!!

Sindhu Ma'am said, "Engayaavadhu Ad zap nu sonna podhume... odane varinju kattitu poiduveengale". Sathiyamaana unmai!!

The End