Friday, January 1, 2010

Awards 2009

2010 is here. Well, Happy New Year!! year leaves after 365(or 366) days...but it does leave behind a lot of things and year 2009 was fully stuffed me with soooo much that sometimes it was..just...deluging. But yeah, during the course of the year, so many things happened...and a lot of them are award-worthy..


Vedha's awards for 2009

I-show-middle-finger-to-you award: It was a very close call between the fat-dark-glasses person and the getting-fat-wobble-walk person. Finally, getting-fat-wobble-walk gets the award for being a total snob...(the fact that getting-fat-wobble-walk lives close by and I need to look at that face at least once in a week, highly influenced the decision!)

Blade No. 1 award: Without doubt goes to the great man who has an office behind Kasi theatre. (I'm sure the twins will agree!)

Agony month award: Tie between May and June

Confusion rules award: September!!!

Everybody-hates-me award: HR woman in the office behind the Samsonite showroom overlooking a bridge! You really suck lady.

I-should-be-acting-in-a-Vikraman-movie award: The person who works for the company that has been endorsed by Aishwarya Roy, SRK, Suriya, Madhavan, Ranbir, Deepika, Dada, Ram charan Teja and so many others at some point of time...

Varum-aana-varaadhu award: HCL Technologies! ( apologies to everybody who's joined there :P)

The perfect Gentleman award: The guy with three initials in the name, but addressed with just two letters!

My-favorite-politician-award: Our local councillor!

Biggest-craze award: The Twilight saga!

Epdi-irundha-naan-ipdi-aayiten award: Well, you have an office at Jagannathan Road, my dear 'one'!

Ayo-raama,-enna-yen-indha-mari-kalisadai-pasangaloda-ellam-kootu-sera-vekara award: to the guy who got hit by me in 1st std. ONLY for that drama involving the mokka zombie.

Tragedy-of-the-year award: Sri Lanka

100-degree-Celsius(Boiling point!) award: Close tie between the 66 year old and the 27 year old!

Shock-of-the-year award: Lala and dancer break up!

Comedy-of-the-year award: Two of my classmates are TEACHERS now!

About-turn award: IT-->Advertising shift!

Villain-of-the-year award: Swine Flu!

Can't-get-more-stupid award: Free TVs!

Nicest-to-me award: is shared.

1.Remember the HR woman in the office behind the Samsonite showroom overlooking a bridge? This person took me to that office :)

2. The Tall man. For that wink when onyx used his weird snub way on me during my first week at work...and well, for all the pick-ups and drops...

Hype and Buzz award: Fake IPL player for all the entertaining tit-bits during IPL II.

Miss-you award: College :-(

Kadal-kadandhu-kalakals award: You know who you are, you long haired pillock!

Poche-poche award: Ayyo! you are married! *bangs head on the wall*

I-rule award: to myself. for winning all those awards at college :P

making-me-wait award: Eh nonsense gundoos...get married soon!

PS: Ok, so most of the names are in codes. It is that way for a REASON. So if you figured who I'm talking about, shut up. Don't get me into trouble spreading all this...(pretty please?)