Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Best Things about having a job

By now, all you guys know I have a temp job with Xturion aka Sankara Software Services till HCL decides to call us(That's the next billion dollar question after "Was Michael Jackson murdered?!"). So here goes!

10 Best Things about having a job

10. When you get back home from your first day of work, your mum gives you Chickoo Milkshake.

9. All your clothes are neatly ironed.

8. When you want your rice to be 'pesanjufied', your mum does it without the usual 10 minute grumble.

7. Office provides a feast every afternoon for lunch.

6. When everybody compains about the heat, you smile inside thanking the AC in office.

5. You get a Rs. 600 bus pass, which enables you to get in and out of ANY bus in the city without buying a ticket. (Such a boon for me, the road roamer)

4. A friend wants to meet you? "Mum, traffic. I'll come back home late"

3. You wanna go meet a friend? Leave office early, but tell home you started late.

2. A job pays you!!

And the No. 1 best thing about having a job is
"You finally get back your appetite and star eating ravenously AND your hair fall reduces!!"