Sunday, November 2, 2008


My dad sits at home reading a magazine in the evening, when he suddenly feels a shadow moving around. He looks below and sees a fur ball sitting... a tiny tiny ginger cat, very weak but still way too cute. I then called Bhuvana, and then the whole crowd turned up... Bhuvana managed to even cuddle it, in her lap! We named it Inji(Ginger), according to its looks. Inji climbed my dad's veshti like a mountain, and got into his lap comfortably. We all fell in love with the little kittie.

Next day, Inji got sick, both its hindlegs were sort of paralysed, we took it to the vet, got an injection put, and got some vitamin tablets written from the vet. Inji drank milk from an ink filler, diluted tablet after that, and then slept peacefully. It even tried to jump onto Bhuvana's lap, moving just the two legs, and dragging the hinds.

In the evening, I had to go out. Bhuvana fed it with milk in the evening. At around 7:30, mum and dad thought it could do with more milk. By then, one of Inji's front legs got paralysed too. Inji drank milk from the ink filler, hiccuped for a few times.. hic hic..and then its head swayed to one side. Inji is in heaven now. Bhuvana didn't have dinner that night. I'm glad I wasn't home to see that sight. This is exactly why I'm scared of having pets.