Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday- Of Trucks and Taunts and Twilight

I had a great week. On Monday, I met idiot Mru and Vasanth Anna. That triggered a series of fights...but I'm glad we were able to pull it off at the end, with an happily-ever-after(?!) ending. Haran came home, from London, and so did Meenakshi Akka(Anni), and athai and athimber. It was good to have them around, especially Haran, whose vocabulary consists entirely of trains, buses, trucks, lorries and the like. He loves Bhuvana(wow! that woman is really good with kids) and told her all the stories of the adventures of his 3-year-old self. I also got to meet Supri, and it was fun picking up toys for Haran. He especially liked the Blue Engine and Edward, one of the Thomas the engine toys. Saturday(Madras Day!!) was my niece's Priya's and Lawanya's birthday. I got to meet both of them, and did a lot of catching up with my cousin and Lawanya. The best part about the visit to my cousin's house was - Twilight! I've beeeen wanting to get my hands on that book for so long, it was unbelievable when Priya just shoved that book onto my lap...her 12 year old self didn't really understand vampire romance I guess. (Did you know Twilight was actually rejected by 14 agents before it got published?! What's with rejection and popularity?!?! Remember Harry Potter?)

Sundays are the laziest of days, and this sunday was no different. I woke up at 11 30, ate and went back to sleep at 2, woke up at 5, washed my hair, ate dosa, watched dum dum dum...and twilight! Bliss I say...Bliss.
I'm ready for another week :-)

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