Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday - Noodles!

I had noodles for tiffin today :-) The yumminess inspired this post!

Instant noodles were a rage when I was a kid. I guess that's when they started getting popular and we were all addicted to Maggeee at some point of time! For almost everyone, instant noodles was the first thing we learned to cook, even before we learnt to make coffee(Remember Shriya Sharma in Sillunu oru kaadhal, making noodles for the other kid with glasses?) and the greediness with which we ate/shared the noodles is very significant :-)

And, like everything that is popular, noodles also has its share of controversies. The glue/wax that is getting mixed to the water, and that making you sick... pre-cooked food items being unhealthy etc. Once, I read in a magazine that we have to boil the noodles in water, then drain that water...(which will be cream in color by then, after a few things dissolving into it..wax?!), add water again, add the masala and cook it., healthy food is ready. But believe me, I tried it once and the once superb noodles tasted very bland, even with the masala thingy. Maybe it is wax, maybe it is something else...but that sure adds to the taste. And, as I am from "Live to eat" and not 'eat to live' category..."I | don't | care"(like that pimple ad!)


Sandhya said...

eggjactly!! :D Noodles rock!

Nithya said...

I agree with you... Noodles is the best.. can afford to eat n times in a day. :)