Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BallyFabs- The Jute Shop!

The Sunday before the last was extremely eventful. Because it was Triplet Meet day! We triplets had great fun, and yeah...when I mentioned there is this shop where you get cool jute bags for a nice price, Bumboo was mentioning this other jute bag shop with Bengali owners where you get a handsome discount if you knew Bengali. That made me really happy, because we had a ready made Bangla woman(almost) in Blabby. But Bumboo didn't know where that shop was, just knew it was called baali something, so we decided to go to the shop that I mentioned- The Jute shop! But... both the shops were the same.. ta da ta da taaan... "BallyFabs- the Jute Shop". You can find this shop in Spencer Plaza...somewhere in the 1st floor...near'll find this shop name boards... next to that is a pathway, go straight and you'll hit there(Right, twins?). You get great deals on bags, and if you know Bengali, you have this extra added advantage. I got two bags, one for 60 bucks and one for 50 bucks, and I swear you won't believe I paid only that much for those bags when you see it!


Sandhya said...

Sooooooper!! Sandy goes shopping :P:P:P

Deepti said...

put pics of the bags na bum