Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday - MOP Canteen

Sambhar saadham, Man'joo'rians, juices, chilly paratha, cup noodles... WAAAAAAHHHHHHH... I miss MOP canteen!!!! Today we had noodles in office, I got reminded of the canteen. The other day we had sambhar saadham..WAAAAHHH...I missed the MOP Sambhar saadham. Any guest who comes into MOP will have this one good thing to say about the college(apart from other things like, "the girls are rude", "the campus is so small") - good food.

(Testimonials that I know of: All Radio One staff who ate here during College Champions auditions, parents of students coming for admissions etc)

The food is awwwchuum(spelling courtesy: Bumboo). I HIGHLY recommend it!

Picture courtesy: Nithya :-P


Nithya said...

How come you missed to mention the Paratha CHANNA and Channa Samosa.. I just love it in our canteen.. yummmmmmm... Wish I could have it again. Lady are you coming for the alumni meet on 15th???

And I dont have a pic of the food.. but have a pic of the canteen :)

Vedha said...

oh..i wud love a pic of the canteen...can ya send it thru?

Sandhya said...

@ Nithi-- EGgjactly!! SNiff Sniff SNifffff!!Awww! I so miss the canteen!! I used to get the world's best filter kaapi after home!

Deepti said...

it truly IS awwwwwchummm!!! muhahahaha and i get extra applam for free!! yay!!