Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday- My top ten peeves (in no particular order)

I'm so peeved over a lot of things here goes! They may not necessarily be pet peeves, but yeah...some of them are.

Verb: peeve
Cause to be annoyed, irritated, or resentful

(Wiki says...)

1. Crowded buses and lot of traffic on roads when I'm hungry/tired

2. Friends hanging up/sounding blithe when I call them to share something happy/exciting.

3. When a friend supports the other party when someone else and I are involved(Oh, if you are saying maybe it is your mistake that's why, cut it. My friend should be my.friend. not 'judge' or 'mediator') [A good friend bails you out of jail. A super friend sits next to you and says, "motham 24 kambi iruku!"]

4. Prejudice

5. Littering/peeing in public

6. Women who keep complaining in buses...and yeah, generally people who keep whining/complaining.

7. Smelly/sweaty.. eww...

8. People who pretend like they don't know Tamil when they actually do/People who think people who talk Tamil are illiterates(Gives meaningful nod to Bum and Blab)

9. Nonchalant/Bored waiters, shopkeepers

10. Artificial, girly-girly buffed up species/People who are too full of themselves.

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Deepti said...

not illiterate, the word was 'villagers'