Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday - Today was a holiday!

Aah...My state is mourning for the loss of the neighbouring state chief minister. I am mourning because my company is compensating this holiday with two full working Saturdays. Sigh. This is when I miss school and college. All those rainy day holidays... the freedom to just take leave and stay home when you're bored or sleepy... the famous 3 week holiday that we got due to the Sri Lankan issue... omg. I never dreamt I'll say I miss MOP. But I do now. I'm going to see Jhankar an outsider. Feels so weird.


Deepti said...

as an outsider?? how can yu EVER become an outsider?? :)

Vedha said...

that was a nice thing to say bum!

Sandhya said...

"I never dreamt I'd say I'll miss MOP" Such a profound statement :D LOL!!!