Thursday, September 3, 2009

ஆந்திர முதல்வரை காணோம்!

YSR Reddy is missing. Tribals and Jawans, ISRO, US Defence satellites...whoah! Everybody is looking for him(and the people who went missing with him!). So, while this topic is hot, I'd like to put down two of my theories as to what might've happened to him.

1. ACF Ramana (Remember that Vijayakanth movie?) அவரை கடத்திட்டு போயிட்டாரு!!

2. ET!! Extra-terrestrials were about to land in Nallamala forest but the chopper was proving to be an hindrance so they took YSR and the others for a case study!!

PS: When I said these theories to someone, they said I sounded like an intellectual, creative psychopath. What do you have to say now?


soin said...

ysr tribal ponungaloda koundamani mathri aa eenga poos..aa eena poosunu solitruparu nenchaen..ana pavam pootaru..nama kalaignar thatha thaan innum

VISHNU said...

well now tht he is dead.. u can say tht vijayakanth and martians teamed up to kill him..
u r not a psychopath.. u hav jus been watchin ramana n ET over n over again..