Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday - Why having penpals is one of the best things in my life

1. They somehow always know the right things to say

2. The mere fact that two people can be friends even when they are 1000s of miles apart just goes to show love is the universal language...and it is so beautiful.

3. Those letters in envelopes of all shapes and sizes, designs and colours, were the MOST looked forward to things in my teens! (oh my...I can't believe 'my teens' is past tense now :-(

4. I still have all the letters and cards received through the years and whenever I'm lonely, upset(or plain bored :P), the handwriting of every friend winks at me...a warm hug, a happy smile, a funny incident.... I'll be back in my elements :-)

5. The little showing off I can do when I'm using all those birthday gifts that came over air/sea from the other side of the world ;-) I so want to go visit all these crazy people

PS: Sarah is wearing the birthday gift I got her this year :-) [Sarah is the first top left picture with the green curtain behind] Nurse-amma from Albany Hospital, NY

Graduate girl: Ann Chailertvanitkul (Now Ann Anderson!!!)
Curlers on the head :P : Alaina Andzelewski - the theatre artiste from Michigan/Chicago!
Glasses: Jori author to be!
The one with the drink: Chihiro Kamata...Japanese studying German in Germany now

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Nithya said...

Thats really sweet.. BTW how did they become your friend??? expecting a post on how it all happened.. if at all you have it here before, do send me a link of it.. really sounds interesting as I have never had a pen pal.