Sunday, October 26, 2008

Radiance- Spreading light!

Damn... Supri beat me to this by 34 minutes!! I was just going to write this, and I see her post smirking at me!

One Sunday evening, PROPERLY spent, seriously! My sundays are usually filled with absolute vettiness, with me having nothing to do except, say, watch a movie, or catch up on some sleep. But this sunday, well, it was different.

Two days ago, in the marshy lanes of Madhavaram (well, if you don't know where Madhavaram is, go hang yourself or drop in to Perambur, I'll take you there!), when I was going to visit my junior Divya's house, I get a call.

Hi.. I'm Gayathri, Sukanya's van mate, u remember me?

oh well.. hi gayathri, yea, of course i remember u.. tell me

are u free on sunday? we have a program, and i want u to... wait...

*lots of background noise*

hi vedha.. this is sumana... mrudhula's friend... there's a show on sunday that i want u to host..

(trying to figure out who sumana is...and completely confused) ok.. i guess i can do it. wat show? can u give me details?

*lots of background noise again*

hi... im jayanth

oh.. hi jayanth

see.. there is this album that we're releasing.. well, hey can u come over to my place, so i can tell u details?
well.. im in a place called madhavaram, and i'm pretty sure you don't even know where it is..

well, no i dont..

yea, it is chennai outskirts, and im out here.. so i cant come now.. maybe you could e-mail me the stuff?

ya, ok, sure.. take down my no...u can probably send ur e-mail id in there..

And, the rest, as they say, is history. Jayanth got stuck in traffic the whole day, and the MS Phone idea he had, didn't work, cuz I slept off really early that day, and so the next day, I, dragging Supri(as usual!) went upto his place(Thank Heavens to Kowshik! who overwhelmed us with his hospitality.. ), ate பாதுஷா, கை முறுக்கு and தேன்குழல்(thanks to Jayanth's mom, who probably understood our hunger pang!), and listened to their amazing tracks! (More from the composer here: )

Radiance(I love the name!) is a band of 10 or 12 people(Please confirm with Jayanth! :) who have come together to create a music album for the orphanage Anbu Karangal ( The proceeds from the sale of the album, goes to the orphanage. Amazing, don't ya think?

The band consists of a few ex-MOPians, and men from Sai Ram engg, among other people. But, it was not just a band of 12 people. SOO many friends lent a helping hand and the parents gave in their full support, their colleges sponsored the event, people like Chinmayi and M.K. Balaji sang for the album... It was such a collective effort, and I'm soo proud I could at least be a teeny weeny part of it. And, Supri played a big part in me being a part of it by being my official chauffeur(ok, it was only her Scooty Pep.. but yea..).

In the process, I finally found out who Sumana is (Eureka!), got to see Gayathri in a saree, got bored to death by Mr. Chairman of Sai Ram Engg(See: Annexure I), and got scolded from a guy("போடி நாயே!") who I've only known for a day! I made quite a few new friends, and got to know more about old college acquaintances, and MOST important, I could be myself after a long time!, so all in all, a day well spent!!!! (only regret being lots of guys calling me, அக்கா! என்ன கொடுமை சார் இது! )


Questions posed by Mr. Chairman

(Through the ENTIRE conversation, Mr. EEE HOD kept nodding his head!)

1. What are the FM stations in Chennai, apart from AIR?

2. Do you think it is commerically viable for us to start a FM station? We want to spread education

3. Community Radio எல்லாம் சரிப்பட்டு வராது... இந்த Mirchi, Suryan மாதிரி ஏதாவது பண்லாமா?

நீ Jaya TV வர மாதிரி, சில விஷயம் எல்லாம் சொன்ன. எனக்கு ரொம்ப நாளா ஒரு சந்தேகம், Gulf countries 25 countries இருக்கு, அவங்க population 5 crore தான். *Vedha desparately searches for someone to rescue her at this point, but in vain!*ஆனா, அவங்களுக்கு, தனி கொடி இருக்கு... but நாம 61/2 கோடி பேர், நமக்கு ஏன் கோடி இல்ல? தலைவர் பிரபாகரன்(Note: It is the LTTE leader) கு மறைமுகமா ஒரு letter போடணும்! இந்த gulf countries பேரு எல்லாம், எனக்கு தேடி தரியா மா? ஜெயந்த் கிட்ட கொடுத்து அனுப்பு!


Sandhya said...

Sunday really well-spent.. Try going to Anbu-Karangal sometime when you get time, it will give u an insight into their lives.. You'll come back enlightened.. You'll realise the value of soo many little things we take for granted everyday... :)

Vedha said...

i should.. definitely. u should see supri talk about it!