Monday, October 27, 2008

Another day of the year

Today is Deepavali, festival of lights, synonymous with crackers, sweets, get togethers and much more. But for a few people, this day is just another day of the year, maybe even one of the hectic work days of the year! The பால்காரன், who distributes milk packets early in the morning, the newspaper boys (When Bhuvana's dad gave him some diwali bonus, his face shone soo brightly!), the Neel Metal Fanalca people, fire-men who keep a watchful eye for diwali accidents and of course, people who simply couldn't afford festivities... for these people, life just goes on, Diwali or No Diwali. So if you are one of the lucky few who got a holiday, stayed at home watching TV, burst crackers, ate பக்ஷணம், and enjoyed a happy day... WOW! you are probably luckier than thousands of people who didn't, couldn't enjoy this day as you did!

I was one of the luckier few. But it is just that this year, we gave a big no-no to celebration. But yes, Diwali is Diwali and the spirit is infectious. I ate the fat jamuns, ribbon pakkoda and thenga burfi Amma made, along with the Ladoos, Burfis and kara-muras from the neighborhood (advantage Rajeswari Street!) and just watched all the kids having fun with the *tapas*. I also did my usual Diwali routine of going to the terrace in the night and watched the 8-directioned colorful fireworks display. Happys Endings.

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Sandhya said...

I made some of these :P Thenga burfi which was super-glue personified..., rava laddu (which was good) and I made MTR gulab jamun :D
and I ate.. All that u ate :P + pakathu aathu maam's stuff also ;)
Appy diwali!