Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meeting my ooold friend!

Yesterday was really a wonder sunday. I went to Radiance's album launch, and then when I came back home, my OLD friend, who was my neighbour from say when I was 5-10 had come home! Mani is now doing his Civil Engg in NIT, Trichy and he had come home for Diwali, and this time, made it a point to visit me. He is just a year younger than me, but he always called me 'Prashanthi Akka' (ok yea.. new info for you, I'm called Prashanthi at home) and yesterday he claimed that he never found a better friend after me. What more could you ask for! He was patiently waiting for me to get back home, and stayed here for about 2 hours, and left only by 11 o' clock in the night, when my dad courteously told him all of us will have to wake up early for Diwali ;) Friends are forever, really!

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