Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It was a hap hap happy birthday!

"Today is my birthday. I had a great day. " --> This used to be an oxymoron!! This year it isn't, and I can't believe it! All thanks to my little devil, and the bigger devil from above, my day was SUPER.

23 phone calls, 42 messages, 60 odd scraps in orkut & facebook... 9 people actually coming in to surprise me!! WHOAH... what more can someone ask for?!?! (Okay.. I know you are thinking I'm a weirdo.. giving you numbers and all.. but yea, I'm a weirdo, and proud of it :)

For a change, when people started calling to wish me, and asked "What plans for the day?", this time around I had an interesting answer. All thanks to Supri :-)

Jaya woke me up with a warm hug, Lawanya turned up, I went to the temple(Really?!), went to Periamma's house, and then off to Supri's. I was welcomed by Supri's wailings- "I called around 50 people Vedha... I hate your classmates... I'm so sorry... people backed off at the last moment... I even tried calling Jaya & Bhuvana... blah blah blah". Then people turned up. Not 50, but 9 people who decided to spend their time with me on my D-day :) Great fun we had. Mrudhula licking the cake even before I cut it, Supri using the mop like one 'soolayudham' and posing for pictures, talking CRAP, teasing everybody around, us getting to figure out if the juniors have boyfriends, having a cake facial :p it all looked to me like it was a scene fresh out of a fairy tale!

Then, off to Radio One, where I was again tortured by Jagan(as usual!) to make me dance the 'Egypt Rani' step (Enna koduma sir idhu!) with Nandhini and Rajiv egging on & Mrudhula, Shilpa and Supri laughing their heads off. Some entertainment! After we got done there, when the 4 of us were thinking where to go hog, Supri & I decided the time has FINALLY arrived to discover JC's Cafe! *tada tadain* What a place! (Tip: If you are looking for some place, where NOBODY you know would turn up, try JC's Cafe!) We were the only people in, apart from a few foreigners who were in another room. We hogged (Shilpa resisting temptation in vain!) like hell. Then, when it was the time to say the 3 bad words ('Pay the bill'), Jee-boom-ba, John(notice Pink sattai in picture) calls Mrudhula and asks her where we are. (He drinks juice at JC's regularly!) He came up to JC's with 2 other people, drank watermelon juice, and paid my bill :-) :D Lucky me! lol.

I finally came back home around 8, after Supri dropped me at the bus stand as usual. Went straight to Bhuvana's house, met the family and then got back home. Mum and dad were okay with whatever I got and except for the usual "I dunno why people spend so much money to get birthday gifts" dialogue(which is perfectly normal...), I didn't get anything hostile, which is like 'wow!'.

For all the people who made my day special, Thank you! trust me, you don't even have the wildest idea how much this means to me. And for the person, who scripted this day from above, just a 'miss you' wouldn't convey everything.

PS: Picture courtesy - Nithi in Orkut

You made me remember the good times
When i could only remember the bad
You promised me a return
Of the peace i long ago had
You never left me alone
When that was what i wrongly thought i needed
You never dwelt on my faults
Instead you pointed out when i had succeeded
You made me laugh
When i felt i would cry
You made me live
When i wished to die.


Sandhya said...

*Soooberrr Budaaayy!!! Ore the happiness :D :D Yaaayy!!! :D :D :D :D I was one among the 23 who had called :P:P Yaaaayy again!* Its been looonggg since I had a decent bday..

Deepti said...

lol SIX times supri's name SIX times!! lol
damn i cudnt make it thats day..
wat urre touching poem at the end of blog :)