Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year that was

2008… a year of ups and downs, the year in which my soul hit an all time low…a year where I didn’t like myself for the most part…but coming to think it, so many other people did. So many people who’ve loved me, and made me bounce back every time deserve a thanks and something much much more than that… but I cannot find something as special as them to give them, so I will give them my love, because at the end, as I’ve realized through this year, that is the only thing that matters. (That's the last picture of me taken in 2008)

Amma and Appa

For intently listening to all the crap I narrate to them every evening. Also for bearing with my latecomings and shortcomings :)


Someone who’s changed my whole attitude towards life. Don’t get me wrong…she is no saint. Actually, she is a philosophical whiner most of the time, but Blabber is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me… She made my year a whole lot brighter by doing all these lil things that nobody has ever done for me…be it planning a birthday surprise or buying a pizza when I was sobbing like hell… Blabber has made a lot of my days special by her little gestures, and I dunno how I am gonna repay her for all that she’s done to me and been to me.


I thank the Heavens for her everyday. She is the one person who’s stuck with me all through and this year, I can proudly, without any hesitation or doubt, say that our bond is like this FeviBond :P I was being really stupid, thinking of really stupid things like how her new relationship would bring a rift between us etc etc…but wow! we’ve just crossed all that…and we’ve proven that our fevibond is stronger than any rift. She’s always been around for me, in her very own weird way, and I just hope I’ve been there for her when she needed me the most too…


I am really pissed off with him, you know? He never spoke to me, never met me and YET left an impact in me that will last beyond forever. Thanks for showing me what brotherly love is, yush!


This woman is impossible really! ALL problems, trust me, ALL problems will just go puff…when you narrate them to her. She is the person who taught me to see the lighter side of life, and someone who, by her words and deeds, showed me how beautiful and big life is. She is like the big sister I’ve always wanted to have, and I’m soooooo glad she is here in my life!!

Raj Anna

What to say about this man?! How do I express how much he means to me and what he means to me?! Bull shit… I’ll just say he should have never gone off sooo far!

Deepti (aka Bumboo)

How did it happen? When did it happen? Lol… I really don’t know. But Bumboo and Vedha are now officially twin souls! Bumboo is like the stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there. Always.

My juniors of first BCA ( BD, Sudha, Sai, Upaa, Aish, Manasa and many others)

Thanks for liking me. Thanks for all the days you made me smile, and the smile you give me every time you see me in the corridors. It really means a lot.


For proving that true friendships never die. My first ever friend of the opposite sex is still my best ever friend of the opposite sex


“When you think the world has turned its back on you, turn around. It’s often likely that you turned your back on it”. I turned back to see the world still turning its back on me. I saw Sukanya standing next to me doing the same, which made us even better bum chums. Thanks for sticking by me Suku.


Thanks for making me realize how the whole wide world thinks, Ram. You’ve made me who I am now, and if I’m even a little better than I used to be, it is because of you.

Dinesh. M

My brother and Agony Aunt. Suddenly, out of the blue, he became my friend and one of the very few in my trust list. Thanks for listening.

Kalyani, Asta, Archu, Suji, Chitra & a few others

Reasons why I’m still able to survive being in III BCA. Thanks for being the silver lining in a really dark cloud.


shit.. i dont have a picture of him

Thanks for being a brother I can always rely upon. Supri would want to thank you for the midnight food and I would like to thank you for the same… not the food though, but for making me feel privileged and special.


For filling in Alvia’s void and giving me company through the midnights and for getting me introduced to new guys J and also, for being a great listener and polambar(?!)


Veyyilin arumai nizhalil theriyumam.

Enaku therinjudhu Alvi. I missed you so much!


Nonsense… I love you!!!! If you could just get some time off to get me a birthday gift, I will love you even more ;) lol. Thanks for being my regular dose of Dairy milk. The doc says I might get diabetes any day!

Vasanth Anna

One more Anna into my kitty J Yay!!! Thanks for remembering me. Thanks for giving me a space into your life where only very little people have ventured so far.

Sarah and Alaina

They have been afar, for years and yet, very near. When I feel like drowning myself in tears, all I have to do is read their letters or look at their gifts and be reminded of the visit to the US of A still pending, and I am okay.

And, for all the wrong reasons:

  • Some teachers in college – bunch of toe rags really.
  • Some people in my class – losers, all of you!
  • Ching pang gang- you don’t know what you have lost, and when you do, you definitely can’t get it back
  • Sulking competitors- Opinions differ, you know? If you lose a competition, it means other people were better, and you sucked. It has got nothing to do with the judge’s RASANAI.
  • Some of my school 'friends' - You think I've changed? Go screw yourself.


Deepti said...

ore the lowes is ore the flowings! :P

Sandhya said...

Nice post di.. Its got a personal touch to it.. :)

dinesh said...

touching one..

Supraja said...

the wierdo being herself!!