Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Alone

Being alone at home when parents are outta town isn't something new for me. What was new this time was Blabber being around. Generally, when parents are not in town, Bhuvana and/or Jaya come to sleep over, and I eat in Rajeswari Street Restaurants(read Bhuvana's house, Jaya's house or Raji mami's house). The sleep overs used to be SOOO much fun. We used to be up till the wee hours of the morning, discussing Anniyan punishments, lesbos in college, school time crushes...shit, we've been friends for way too long, so we are never short of topics. But given the recent turn of events, Bhuvana getting royally kicked(I own the complete responsibility) and Jaya...well, let's not talk about her now. I was saying, with the recent turn of events, they weren't able to make it, but even before that, Blabber had packed her bags, I was thinking Blabber would be an addition to the trio, but we ended up as the doubles :P

Day 1

1. Parents leave at 5 AM
2. Vedha wakes up pretty late, as usual, and realisation dawns.
3. Vedha makes உருளை கிழங்கு கறி with good உப்பு காரம், but half-boiled.
4. Vedha survives the afternoon with 1-day old rasam, half boiled potatoes and thayir.
5. Vedha and Blabber get Bhuvana's gift.
6. Blabber comes home at 8:30. She gets dropped by her dad, which is like wow!
7. We eat the left over curd rice with borrowed pickle from Bhuvana's place
8. Vedha gets hungry in the middle of the night. Blackie calls and Vedha says that. Blackie knocks at the door at 11:30 PM with a loaf of bread, chocolates, biscuits, VAAZA PAZHAM and SAMOSA. (We use it for 3 that's another story)

Day 2

1. Vedha keeps an alarm at 5 and 6:30. 5 for Maargazhi velaku yethifying and 6:30 for paal vaangifying
2. Vedha didn't get paal
3. Blabber and Vedha eat bread toast.
4. Vedha goes off to get two size 28 jeans and OC saapadu
5. Blabber is very low cuz of Shiv's call
6. Blabber and Vedha sleep sleep sleep and then eat Blabber's super toast.
7. Blabber helps keep rice
8. Vedha and Blabber eat curd rice with inside aalo of samosa for thottufication

Day 3

1. Vedha is obsessed in not wishing someone
2. Vedha and Blabber go to college (Vedha wears her new purple tee) after eating Blabber's super toast.
3. Vedha spends vetti time in college and comes back. Eats rasam(borrowed from Bhuvana's house. Her dad's cooking!) and appalam(Jaya's house) with curd rice and pickle(Jaya's house) for lunch.
4. Vedha and Blabber are saved by Bhuvana and her dad's generousity and by Domino's opening an outlet (oh no! it is a 'SHOWROOM' according to the waiter) in Perambur.

End of story. Mum and dad came in the night. Vedha, Blabber and the other two are waiting for another home alone. :):)



Supraja said...

completely agree except fa the part that i "helped" u make rice.. bleedy hell!! i onli made the whole stuff.. u were chumma watchin over...

Vedha said...

I only told u the technicalities of our cooker!! And I only showed you where the rice is! And I gave you the Aazhaku measurement!

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Lol! nice post! :) Btw, thats a funny pic of bhuvana! :)