Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Necessary losses

Before you read this post, you should google 'Necessary losses' by Judith Viorst. The post might make more sense then. Mr. Raj Mohan from Sri Lanka initiated this topic by the way. Bloody...I miss that Kulla Vijayakanth!

At every phase of your life, at every stage of life, there is someone around whom your life is centered. When you are 8 years old, it might be your friend who lent you their favorite crayon, when you are 13 years old, it might the person who always walked to school and back with you, even if you got late, when you are 16 years old, it might be your first special crush... it just goes on. But, that someone changes every so often. Someone around who your life revolved might just be nowhere one fine day(or do I say, one fateful, bad day?) Some just fall apart, some relationships just wither away, some hold no meaning anymore, some leave you for reasons unknown. When you incur such losses, you realise that you are your only friend. That's when you realise you have to back yourself, and pat yourself, come what may. That is when you should begin to believe that every loss is an opportunity for growth and change. That is when you have to appreciate yourself. That is when you have to believe in yourself.

Losses may come, losses may go, but I go on, till that extra mile before my sleep.


Supraja said...

Awesome!! i miss dat guy too.. miss his philosophies..

Deepti said...

so true so true.. things change, ppl change, emotions change, relationships change, but yu're always the same..

Sandhya said...

ABSOLUTELY!! Change is the only constant in life. The heart fails to understand this, soemtimes we really wish time never flew or people never changed.. Really wish a few people never change. Most of us live with this hope.. Lovely post di.. :)