Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday - Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter

I still read young adult novels and even novels that are ranged 'Ages 12 and up' :-) Fantasy always fascinates me and such stories take you out of the world. Don't we all want to escape the realities of life and go into a dream/fantasy world? One such fantasy story I read recently (Courtesy: TeenFX) is Faery Rebels- Spell Hunter, a debut by R.J.Anderson.

This is the best fairy story I've ever read. Anderson makes fairies explicitly alive, and these days, every other big tree I see, I wish to see if there are fairies living in there.

Bryony, a.k.a. 'Knife', is a fairy. Fairies have lost their magic and they are know confined to the great Oak, not wanting to have contact with the outside world and especially the dreaded humans. But when Knife goes through the library's restricted section, she is shocked and surprised to find out that fairies have always been closely associated with humans and half of human knowledge comes from them.

Knife is determined to learn more and get the fairies back their magic. She becomes friends with a human without anybody's knowledge. What happens next forms the rest of the story. The usual elements of fantasies- magic, enemies and of course romance are sprinkled in abundance :-P

If you are looking for a happy fantasy that is a light read(or if you are looking for a book to gift your little sister or niece), you should grab this one.


Sandhya said...

I used to live on fairy tales and happys endings! Like you say, it transports you to a different world.. I'll gift it to my Kid sister! She's already in love with the Scrabble game, I gave her :D

Supraja said...

eeeee.... that reminds me to borrow ella enchanted from you

Vedha said...

high time you did actually!