Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Activity Activity Activity

There are 90 posts in my blog so far. Most of which is nonsense. So I've decided it is finally time to make some kinda sense into this nonsense so that the 100th post makes some sense for all the nonesense people who read my no sense blog. Makes sense?

For people who are not well versed in our kind of sensible English, here is a translation: I've decided I'll write things of value in here instead of just randomly rambling. (If it still doesn't make sense, I'm sorry. I'm only good at nonsense).

So I've come up with a theme for every day of the week. Here's what I've planned(And I'm hoping to keep it up! Cross your fingers for me!)

Monday - There is this fun game that we keep playing- Movie songs based on a particular theme. It is so much fun, and it gives you the space to ponder. For the extremely boring and tiring first day of the week, this sounded like the right thing to do.

Tuesday- Recommendations. From the roadside potti kadai that sells awesome stuff to that amazing new website, anything that deserves a mention will be mentioned here.

Wednesday- Well...this had to come at some point of time. Book/Movie reviews (I can never run out of things to write about on this one!)

Thursday- Lists. I love doing these. For a list of lists I've already made, Click HERE. But I promise I'll make lists that that are sane from now on.

Friday- மங்களகரமான நாள். Hence it will contain household stuff. I'll make it generic for now because I still haven't figured out what I'm gonna do then. Maybe I'll make it a guest column :P

Saturday- Weirdest/Most amusing thing that happened this week. Do I need to say more?

Sunday- The week that was (Like Duh!)

So look out for these posts!!!


Sandhya said...

bery naice!! I'm coming to that fancy stores di :D

Nithya said...

Super ma.. :) kalaku..