Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A big chunk of advice

I made the right decision in asking "the controversial exiled long-long-ago Indian prince(who later became king)" for advice. First right thing I've done in the past few days. (Dad would probably say my horoscope is getting better.)

* Stay alone. Its better that way. You came alone, you leave alone, so it shouldn't be that difficult to stay alone. (Vedha's weird thought right now: does this apply to twins/triplets/quadruplets?!?)

* Don't give your opinions.

* Don't start conversations.

* Don't comment.

("Does this look good on me?
~ "Oh yeah, looks great". THE END.
*heck no! this doesn't suit u AT ALL*-keep that to yourself)

* Although the tongue weighs only a little, only a few are able to hold it. "You wrote this in my notebook years back, and I've cut it out, and kept it safe. Learn to hold it yourself. You have 10 words to say, just say 1. The rest, keep it to yourself.

* Okay. Somebody hates you. So?

* Friends and Collegemates are two entirely different entities. Why confuse both?!

And, this advice I'm REALLY taking it. Trust me, I mean it when I say it(or type it...)


Motormouth said...

You've proven the fact that realization comes from within... If we spend all our time wondering abut others and their god damned opinions we're losing out on ourselves...

Vedha said...

Yeah, I probably knew it myself already, but the advice made me realise I already knew it!