Tuesday, September 16, 2008

THE Tour

I don't know how school/college long tours are like. Because I've never been to one.

The one and ONLY bad thing about being in Montford is the tour factor. The last ever tour I went through school was, when I was in Grade 4 to a theme park called 'Little Folks' (I don't think it even exists anymore!). I obviously don't remember much of it. And yeah, that's the end of story.

In 1st year of college, we went to 'Queensland'. The prep for the tour is more memorable for me. How my parents couldn't let me go, and how the whole class(led by the ever-sweet Chitra) called dad(through someone's phone...I remember I didn't own a phone then) and asked him to send me. That was one moment I felt wanted after a long time, and it felt like BLISS. And when I said this story in Radio One as a sentimental story, it became a comedy at the end(because after all that I said, they couldn't digest that all the build up was for QUEENSLAND, lol!) . Jagan still makes fun of me.

So... now finally the BIG college long(well, 3 days IS long!) tour is upon me. Should I be excited? Happy? I guess I should be, but I'm feeling neither. I'm feeling apprehensive. I dunno what the next 4 nights and 3 days have in store for me. It might be a lot of fun, it might be boredom at its best, it might be loneliness hitting me hard, it might be a million other things. But I, for sure, know one thing. It will be a change. And like that CEAT ad goes, "Change is tough", "Change is unavoidable". Welcome Change!

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