Sunday, August 10, 2008

My seniors

I seriously love them. My seniors in college have taught me everything that I know! About the college, inter-dept and inter-college rivalry, how to talk to teachers, how to get things done your way in MOP, how to do-everything-in-this-whole-wide-world!! They are an asset, and their value cannot be measured.


My love!! She is this super bubby character, and she is my constant shoulder of support to whine, share things, to complain about my unfair life, to laugh and irritate. I HATE her for leaving me and going to Pondicherry. Bad bad bad girl ( Alvia doesn't like this picture!!! Makes me really glad :)

Nithi!!!! One person I honestly ADMIRE!! She has so many talents, but the best of all, is tackling people. She knows how to handle all the cracks that make up our department, and wow! that's saying something!!

Charanya! Our white 'black pandi'. Brahmin தமிழ் ல மொக்க போடுற ஒரே ஆள்!! ada ada ada...

Meera.. our department beauty... subtle sense of humor..and our standard Namitha!!!

Ramya is my moooost favorite senior of all times! I called her 'Ramya Akka' in the beginning... ayyo ayyo. Nive..i like her for her guts, and her dance, and her temper :)

Nithya and Preethi...the வளர்ந்தவள்s of the department. Both of them have authority, and command... people I (literally and figuratively) look up to!, and Srinidhi- too bad i haven't eaten her popular cooking yet!!

Priya is my jigidi dhosth from online :) :) someone who's always been swwweet to me, however she might be to others!

Shilpa and Satya!!! AAh.. my darlings!! Shilpa dances so well, i envy her!! And imagine, only after she passed out, I've become more close to her. She advices sooooo well, i didnt know her advising skill is on par with her dancing skill!!!
and Satya, she is so small, but has so much in that small brain. Whenever i look at her, she's smiling and i love that :)

Moni and Arthi
... my bus mates... all those street corner juices and soups, and those 29 C/Auto vetti chattings, i can never forget!!!

Sandhya!! Miss Hindi girl...this is how i used to identify her when she was in college... but now yea, thanks to orkut and yahoo etc etc. we are the friends friends now :)

And then there's Gayu, our ever-loving darling, who willingly took all the shitty responsibility in her shoulders!!! (too bad I don't have a picture of her!!!)

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Alvia said...

Thankooo thankooo...meeezshh shoo shoo shoooooooo Honoured...:)

Lov yaa shoo much sweetheart...we r lucky 2 hav yu..oh yea happy 2 b a bad bad girl:P

P.S: Plzz Pic mathudiii....naan too kodumai ya irukken..:( now dont tell "sethuru, wats der only will come":p now noo noo bad comments :D