Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday- Nandy's cooking

Aah... This is something I definitely have to recommend. The potato curry Ms. Ezhil Nandhini makes is the best!! (And I've eaten my mum's, Bhuvana's mum's and so many professional cook mamis cooking!!) You have to eat it to believe it. Trust me!!

Also, I think, இவ்வளவு அழகா யாரும் சமையல் பண்ண முடியாது... The way she sings and cooks(almost half-bachelor style), and makes sure she finds company to sit with her in the moda while cooking(நான் என்ன உங்க வேலைக்காரியா?), and the final product itself... wah! eet ees an experience. You have to try it some day!!!

Picture courtesy: Mr. Bharath Ram :P

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