Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday - Helicopters, CAP(?!) and Corruption

Three things caught my eye in the news this week.

One of course being CM YSR Reddy missing and found dead. Tragic story. But now the rat race for the next CM is going to make people forget to mourn for him and move on to watch the proceedings as usual.

Anna University, Coimbatore Vice chancellor got arrested. This created quite a ruffle in office, because it was a bittersweet news for us. But, yeah... when someone at the top of an university is corrupt, it questions the fundamentals of our education system. If the vice chancellor has no morals, what are we going to teach the students?!

YAP and GAP (Yamuna Action Plan and Ganga Action Plan) were total failures despite shedding over 1000 crores. They failed because we modelled it with the Thames system. Now , YET another attempt to clear up the Cooum. (Maybe they're calling it CAP?!) Yet again, modelled on foreign river systems at the cost of over 99 crores. Well, let us be optimistic and hope my grandchildren will go boating in Cooum....


Sandhya said...

I don't think even my great-grand-children can go boating in the cooum :P

ராச் மோகன் said...

கூவம் நதிக்காக ஏற்கெனவே 'ஆயிரத்தி இருநூறு' கோடி ஒதுக்கப்பட்டது. அந்த திட்டதின் ஆய்வு பணி முடிவில் மொத்த பணமும் தீர்ந்து போனது. நீர் வள துறை, சுகாதாரத் துறை, மாநகராட்சி, சிறப்பு குழுக்கள் என்று ஒவ்வொரு துறையும் தனித்தனியாய் ஆய்வு செய்தே 1200கோடியும் காலி! இந்த ஊழல் குறித்த விசாரணை நீதி மன்றத்தில் நிலுவையில் உள்ளது.( முடிய முப்பது வருசமாகும்)
ps: i tried to make a visual docu in 2007 reg this corruption.( vivek's dad promised to sponsor)

Vedha said...

But why didn't you do it? Pressures?