Tuesday, June 2, 2009

நாங்களும் வரைவோம்-ல!

Lol. When I was in 5th standard or something, I used to fill even ruled notebooks with my drawings and water color paintings. (I think I still have them somewhere). Then somewhere down the lane, I lost touch... But yeah, now me being vetti, and Bumboo, Blab and Nithi being the full the inspirations, I sat down to sketch Nandy(ayyo paavam).

Kadasi varaikum, that smile couldn't be duplicated (eppadi ellam samaalika vendiyadhaa iruku?!) Still have to do finishing touches(?!) but yea.. you can see what it looks like.

Idhu Nandhini illa.. Nandhini maadiri :P


Nithya said...

hey vaipe illa.. semmaya iruku.. good job lady. I am very sure you are better than me in portraits.. I really cant do it this well.. seriously a great job. :) keep it going..

Deepti said...

and lol the word verification for this comment is 'ogre'

Vedha said...

@Nithi: Thankies Nithi. But definitely not better than you. Seriously.

@Deepti: Whoah. It was OGRE? as in O.G.R.E?!

Supraja said...

Eeee... super coool :)

Sandhya said...

Supers!! pavam nadhini :D