Friday, May 29, 2009

Swearing-in ceremony

I was thorougly bored and home-alone yesterday, so I thought it would actually be a good time pass to watch the swearing in ceremony of all the ministers of 'Team Manmohan". And I was right! Watte time pass!

Now I REALLY know why Prathibha Patil is fit to be the President. If being President means just signing a few papers, and saying 'I' or 'Mein' or 'Wait Wait Wait' when somebody forgets to wait for her to say 'I' or 'Mein', then even I could be President and that is saying something!

This one minister Narayanaswamy fumbled with his papers and pleaded for the President to start a bit late. Another minister whose name I forgot, started taking the oath before the President began, and he kept apologising profusely..saying 'Sorry Madam, Sorry Madam'. People started laughing.

Some people took oath in Hindi and some in English. Rahul's young brigade(read Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot and Jitin Prasada) took the oath in Hindi. (Did I mention Scindia is my latest crush? :P)
Englipish was punished heavily. A lot of people said 'constitusan' 'affecsan' 'gaat'(got) and the like.

Sangma, 28, came in dressed neatly and was OBVIOUSLY nervous.

MK Stalin sat next to Rahul Gandhi and kept talking animatedly. The Congress president and the Prime minister sat next to each other, serenely looking at the proceedings. Raja was sitting in one end of the row, with Maran in the other row, apparently sitting next to each other. MK Azhagiri was sitting in the row behind Raja. Also spotted were Azhagiri's son, mother and other kith and kin. Sachin Pilot's super head gear was reminiscent of his dad(appa's comment)

All in all, a very interesting show on TV.

For the complete list of ministers and their portfolios, go here

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