Friday, May 15, 2009

Little pleasures of life

Yooooohoooooo! Eet ees raining here!! Feels sooo good!

Only today, I was telling Bumboo how dumboo my life is, as of now. Stuck at home doing nothing, and not even feeling like doing anything, is definitely a curse after a week. Trust me. When I was just wondering why I'm being a lazy bum...after three years of madness in MOP, I shouldn't be, I can't be this vetti...Lo! the rain god pours!! If it can rain this hard in May, in Chennai, then anything can happen, right?

I went out, got some rain drops on my hands, waved at everybody else who peeped out to watch the rain, and screamed! I wrote a letter to Jori (the last letter I wrote was over 6 months ago, at the least!), added a picture postcard, a few FBs and wrote the address on it. Letter writing is such a beautiful process, and it gives you something to look forward to. I knew I was missing it, but only when I wrote a letter today, I realized how much I missed it. Now, my room is all messy with papers and postcards and what not strewn on the floor, the weather is awesome, I've added one more post to my at-the-verge-of-extinction blog, and I'm now going to have chilled Mango Milk shake...! What else can I say but 'Jingalala Hoo Hoo!!!!' (Copyright: Supraja Sankaran, Kilpauk, Chennai-10)


Supraja said...

Naaice... :) but y the address specification at the end??

Sandhya said...

I so understand what you feel.. :) Been there; done that :D Enjoy the vettiness while it lasts!!
About the rain, people like me were actually jumping around in the balcony :P Feels like heaven, and the weather today hasn't changed much. Let's hope ot rains again!!

Jingalalahooooo!! :D

Deepti said...

eeeee :)

Vedha said...

@Supri: because you have the copyrights for hoo hoo, and i wasn't very sure if u r the only Supraja Sankaran on earth!